Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sleepwalking in a Nightmare - and I am talking literally

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately but I've been having a huge sleepwalking problem.

I have sleepwalked for about 10 years. Not too far just a few steps. I once woke up next to an open window with no screen that was only 2 feet from the floor. Did I mention it was on 2nd floor. I have done alot of funny stuff. When I was a secretary (executive assistant - for all you politically correct people) I grabbed a clock radio and handed it to my husband and said, here is the file you wanted.

Before those ten years I would sleep talk. I remember waking up and my first husband was above me and I realized he was sleep questioning me, and I was answering. He must have found out that I wasn't really that into him and had various crushes at the time.

But now it is ridiculous. My sleep walking is getting worse.

It started around the file thing. I woke up one night and I was screaming at my husband because I was sure a raccoon was in the room. I saw the lights of an alarm clock and thought it was the eyes. Without my contacts in everything looks a little different.

Then this theme started up for several years. I would dream that people were opening up the roof and peaking in. People were spying on my family. In my sleep I would dream that and then scream at them "I know what they are doing, stop it" and wake up as I was screaming, or my husband would say my name and I'd go immediately back to sleep, while he just laid there awake.

This happened in Puerto Vallarta. I had the dream that people were looking in the roof at us and I would scream at them and wake up. It happened in Michoacan too a few times. Sometimes I would get up and walk to the door or closet and wake up (ground floor houses).

But now its been getting worse. One reason that it is worse is because our apartment is on the 3rd floor. But the other reason is because I've been sleep walking with urgency.

One night I ran out of bed, which I don't remember but was told, and I ran right into the closet and I woke up under the hangers. I was told I hit something but I don't remember.

And that brings me to last night. I dreamt that my husband was having a seizure (he doesn't ever have seizures in real life) and he was going to hit his head and I urgently tried to save him from hitting his head. At the same time I actually fell off the bed and messed up both feet, skinned my knees,sprained my toes, and bruised the side of my leg.

After the running into the closet I made an appointment with a sleep doctor. I got the referral and set it up but it isn't until May 10 - Happy Mother's day. Now I added last nights event to the list.

I'll update again when I hear something if anyone is interested.

Pray for me to sleep well and be healthy, thank you, god bless.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland