Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hit them in the pocketbook, boycott Arizona, Good article about the boycott of Arizona.

Article copied from:

Mexico issues travel warning
By Mariana Alvarado and Phil Villarreal
The Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), April 28, 2010

The Mexican government is urging U.S.-bound shoppers to avoid Arizona or prepare for unprovoked harassment by police.

The governor of Sonora has called off the binational Arizona-Mexico Commission meeting - suspending the tourism and trade meeting for the first time in 50 years - as federal politicians urged him to interrupt partnerships with Arizona.

And at least one Mexican airline, Aeromexico, will cancel flights to Phoenix, claiming demand is down because of Arizona's new immigration law. Some nonprofit organizations and community leaders in Nogales and Hermosillo, Sonora, joined the call for an economic boycott of the state.

Issued on Tuesday morning by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, the travel warning says 'there is a negative political environment for migrant communities and for all Mexican visitors.'

The warning also says no criteria has been established for when, where and who the authorities will inspect.

'It must be assumed that every Mexican citizen may be harassed and questioned without further cause at any time,' the warning reads.

Guillermo Noriega with Sonora Ciudadana A.C., a nonprofit in Hermosillo, said social networks are being used to get people to stop visiting Arizona.

'It's not worth it if there's no respect for the basic values,' he said. 'We don't have to go and leave our money there.'

It is not just Mexicans who intend to avoid Arizona.

Will Conroy, president of Tucson's Arizona Inn, said he's received notice from about 20 repeat visitors from out-of-state who said they won't be making their regular trips to Tucson since the governor signed the bill into law.

One guest, Joy Mann, said she and her husband, who live in Idaho, decided not to take their road trip to Arizona.

'We cannot come to Arizona. I am of Mediterranean heritage and am very concerned,' Mann wrote Conroy in an e-mail. 'Of course, I don't carry papers that indicate that I am an American citizen as I was born here.'

Loews Ventana Canyon and the Westin La Paloma reported no cancellations related to the legislation.

Mikel Mesh of Hawaii said he canceled his summer road trip through the state.

'We are not Hispanic but find these Draconian measures at odds with the values upon which our country was founded,' Mesh, a resident of Hawaii, wrote the Star. 'We shall be spending our vacation dollars elsewhere.'

Former Tucsonan Scott Stewart, who now lives in Telluride, Colo., said he's canceling his Arizona Wildcats football season tickets in response to the legislation.

'In the past I have made most of the Arizona football games, staying for a couple of days at a clip and spending approximately $2,500 a season, which goes towards economic impact in Arizona,' he wrote to the Star. 'So supporting Arizona athletics would economically help support the state of Arizona, a state that has just legalized racial profiling - something totally against my values.'

Demonstrations against Senate Bill 1070 have sprung up at the state Capitol, as well as at U.S. consulates in Mexico.

'We are asking people not to cross the border, not to buy anything, so they (the U.S.) realize they need us,' said Ramses Arturo Leyva, one of the organizers and a radio announcer in Nogales, Sonora.

As part of the boycott, Leyva said pamphlets will be distributed at the border asking people not to cross. The digital billboards flashing at the border with advertisement for shoppers and tourists waiting in line to enter Arizona are soon expected to start promoting the boycott, he said.

'Xenophobic law'

Mexican politicians have urged Sonora Gov. Guillermo Padrés Elías to avoid commercial and tourist ties with Arizona.

'The only way to withdraw this racist and xenophobic law is by applying economic and financial pressure to the government and Legislature of Arizona,' said Domingo Rodríguez from the Partido de la Revolución Democrática, a political party in Mexico.

Gov. Padrés canceled the Arizona-Mexico Commission event - planned for June 3-4 at Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa in Litchfield Park - as a symbolic protest.

On the Arizona-Mexico Commission's website, the event was billed as 'Two leaders, shared vision,' with pictures of Brewer and Padrés clapping side-by-side. The commission, formed in 1959, brings business and political leaders together from the border states to enhance binational trade and foster relationships between the public and private sectors.

Each day, more than 65,000 Mexican residents are in Arizona to work, visit friends and relatives and shop, according to a University of Arizona study sponsored by the Arizona Office of Tourism.

While here, Mexican visitors spend more than $7.35 million daily in Arizona's stores, restaurants, hotels and other businesses, researchers found. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life as my mother's guardian (and as a college student & mother of 3)

(Back story: My mom is Bi-Polar Schizoid Affective and has been sick since I was a child.  Since my dad died in 1999 she has been declining rapidly. She stopped getting to normal stages since 2002 meaning that she is severly delusional and has had to be hospitalized or in a facility. Also - since I moved to mexico in 2007 she started declining even more rapidly. I came back to the US 1 year ago and have been her guardian since last fall)

This is how my Mom looked in 2005.

I'm pissed off because my mom has had to get brain surgery and now needs a more invasive procedure done  (thats not whats pissing me off i MEAN IT IS but I am praying she will get better after this)whats pissing me off is that the hospital and the facility where she is at don't take the time to go out of their way and keep me informed about what is going on.

 I go to visit her every week but I visited her daily when she was in the hospital and had the surgery.  She looked so very feeble. She's aged like 20 years in just 5 years. I guess that is how the brain works...

 Anyway, after the first surgery they called me and asked me to choose what rehabilitation facility for her to go to. So I went over to the one that was by my house and talked to them and chose that facility.

Then about 4 days later I get a call from another facility saying they just admitted her. I called the hospital and complained that they didn't' inform me and then emailed over to the hospital my guardian information and said they should be keeping me informed in the future.

Then I contacted the rehabilitation/nursing home they sent her to and went in and promptly signed paperwork and all that, I was sick for a few weeks and but my family went to visit her a few times while I was sick,  I asked for some of her funds to be sent over form the normal facility so that I could go buy her some of the things she needed, she seemed to be coming back to normal and I wanted to buy her the normal things she used to like before she got water on the brain.

Then all the sudden the hospital doesn't keep me informed about her status, and they move her back to the normal facility and I contacted them about taking her out and taking her shopping, (note: I have legal right to manage her money but I signed it over to them so that they would give her a weekly budget) and they actually responded back to me as if I was trying to steal her money! I'm like I signed it over to you... anyway, now she is declining again and has to go in for something tomorrow and again the freakin hospital isn't keeping me informed.

I'm so frustrated. I went to see her the other day and they said she was refusing to see me. She has never refused to see me in her life. And I demanded that I see her. I got scared as if they were actually not letting her see me. I demanded to see her and they let me see her. She did seem like she was becoming how she was before the first surgery, but they proceeded to stay in the room (2 of them) while I wanted to talk to her. It was weird. were they worried for my safety? come one, if she was delusionally saying something about me, they should realize she is delusional with all the delusional things she says about everyone. Usually it isn't me, usually it is about where she is at.

I doubt anyone can relate the the severe mental illness issues but jeez. I cannot stand that they are treating me like I am stealing her money, and/or visiting her for some hidden purpose other than for her well being, come on. She's been sick for over 30 years. She doesn't have any freakin money except social security, most people that are as sick as her, their families abandon them, but we still go visit her every week if we can, get a freak-in grip peoples. damn.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Graphic Arts Class "Image Manipulation" Entitled "Children Don't understand Borders"

In this project you are supposed to choose a song that means something to you and interpret it in a collage. Attached is my interpretation of what this song (how lucky we are)
means to me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Artificial Butt Cheeks - booty pop

Surpisingly I get a lot of links to my blog for one article I did about the Sky Mall Magazine about Artifical Butt cheeks. Here is a new thing I saw booty pop - I want some of these.

  So I thought I would post this ad for anyone interested

Legalized racial profiling in Arizona.

Hispanic Community Fears Immigration Bill
It Could Reduce Number of Crimes Reported, Activists Say
Jason Barry
The KPHO News (Phoenix), April 19, 2010

Phoenix -- There is growing concern among the Valley's Hispanic community that if Gov. Jan Brewer signs a proposed immigration bill into law, it will create widespread fear and panic.

State lawmakers approved SB 1070 Monday, sending the bill to the governor's desk.

The bill would allow police officers across Arizona to stop and question anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

'Victims will run away and not come forward,' said community activist Carlos Garcia. 'Anyone who looks to have brown skin will be asked for documentation. It's going to create fear and divide the community and police department.'

Carlos Castillo, of Phoenix, said he doesn't like the thought of being stopped by police when he's done nothing wrong.

'If they see an actual crime going on, I prefer them to do what they've got to do and leave me alone,' said Castillo. 'It's like being targeted because you're Mexican, or whoever they're targeting.'

Castillo is one of many concerned citizens among the Valley's Hispanic community worried about the effect of the immigration bill moving through the state Capitol.

Garcia said if police are allowed to question people about their citizenship it will have a negative effect on crime across the Valley.

According to Garcia, victims will be afraid to come forward to report a crime while witnesses will be reluctant to tell officers what they know.

'It might be someone that is a U.S. citizen or resident, but doesn't want to go through the hassle of being investigated for being in the country documented or not,' he said.

However, Mark Spencer, with the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, does not think the proposals in the immigration bill will affect the way officers do their job.

Spencer said he does not think it will suddenly get tougher to solve crimes.

'This legislation does not alarm us as far as putting victims and witnesses at risk,' said Spencer. 'Concerns need to be based on evidence or track record or past history, and we just don't see it here.'

Monday, April 19, 2010

Photography class - I'm 2 classes in so far

I was taking some photos for my class I like these... aren't these cute..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Picture story of a boy and his nose

My baby boy relaxing.

Oh no he's got an itch!

Now the other side?

Now the ear.... He's so funny.

Sleepwalking in a Nightmare - and I am talking literally

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately but I've been having a huge sleepwalking problem.

I have sleepwalked for about 10 years. Not too far just a few steps. I once woke up next to an open window with no screen that was only 2 feet from the floor. Did I mention it was on 2nd floor. I have done alot of funny stuff. When I was a secretary (executive assistant - for all you politically correct people) I grabbed a clock radio and handed it to my husband and said, here is the file you wanted.

Before those ten years I would sleep talk. I remember waking up and my first husband was above me and I realized he was sleep questioning me, and I was answering. He must have found out that I wasn't really that into him and had various crushes at the time.

But now it is ridiculous. My sleep walking is getting worse.

It started around the file thing. I woke up one night and I was screaming at my husband because I was sure a raccoon was in the room. I saw the lights of an alarm clock and thought it was the eyes. Without my contacts in everything looks a little different.

Then this theme started up for several years. I would dream that people were opening up the roof and peaking in. People were spying on my family. In my sleep I would dream that and then scream at them "I know what they are doing, stop it" and wake up as I was screaming, or my husband would say my name and I'd go immediately back to sleep, while he just laid there awake.

This happened in Puerto Vallarta. I had the dream that people were looking in the roof at us and I would scream at them and wake up. It happened in Michoacan too a few times. Sometimes I would get up and walk to the door or closet and wake up (ground floor houses).

But now its been getting worse. One reason that it is worse is because our apartment is on the 3rd floor. But the other reason is because I've been sleep walking with urgency.

One night I ran out of bed, which I don't remember but was told, and I ran right into the closet and I woke up under the hangers. I was told I hit something but I don't remember.

And that brings me to last night. I dreamt that my husband was having a seizure (he doesn't ever have seizures in real life) and he was going to hit his head and I urgently tried to save him from hitting his head. At the same time I actually fell off the bed and messed up both feet, skinned my knees,sprained my toes, and bruised the side of my leg.

After the running into the closet I made an appointment with a sleep doctor. I got the referral and set it up but it isn't until May 10 - Happy Mother's day. Now I added last nights event to the list.

I'll update again when I hear something if anyone is interested.

Pray for me to sleep well and be healthy, thank you, god bless.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland

I am a rebel

A photo in the school library taken with the Cannon EOS 30 D

I am a rebel with a cause.
A rebel who wants to prove that all people are valuable.
All people are the same in the eyes of god or whatever name you chose for yours.
I am a rebel sassing to everyone.
Regardless of race, religion, age,
national origin or location,
not dependent on cultural beliefs or sexual orientation,
we are all the same,
I am a rebel to say this.