Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did you read my post about making a difference and Advocating

Here is one of those groups if you need immigration reform for your family and you want to participate. Take a minute and sign this petition. Then join the group. You can even participate by text messages to your phone. It works great. Its free and its the least you could do to help. If you are in Mexico use your friends or families address in the US and your email. Your vote still counts.

Reform Immigration for America

Being illegal in this country whether you overstayed your visa or enterred illegally is a civil violation, not a criminal violation. Reasearch it and next time someone says send them all back, or that a person is Illegal, you can answer, "no human is illegal". Also one of my favorite comebacks I made up is, "Are you native american? No then your ancestors were immigrants. Just think about that."