Saturday, February 20, 2010

Todays epiphany

Today as I was starting a load of laundry I started the water and I sorted the laundry, one by one I added more to the load waiting to see how much I could fit. Once the water got to the top I was sorting the rest of the laundry and of course I found that one pair of jeans that I really wanted clean but it seemed they wouldn't fit. By then the washer had started its wash cycle and was chugga chugging. I set that pair of jeans on top of the load and watched the machine slowly suck them into the load.

I feel like that pair of a jeans is a perfect metaphor for so many things?

I set it on top and at first it pulled only a little part of the jeans, it seemed as if it didn't have room or wasn't going to pull in the rest. But then far quicker than I expected it pulled in the rest of the pants until all that was left was one cuff of one leg.

That is life. I thought. so unsuspecting. so deceiving. there are so many things in life that are just like the washing machine and those jeans.