Saturday, February 6, 2010

I wanna be a comedian - but I always forget the hilarious thing thought of in the shower

I went to one of those sex toy parties today. My problem is I've already been to the sex shop to buy the toys at like 25 percent of the price of the party. That ruins things.

It was quite the entertaining experience. I was around the family and friends of a friend of a close friend of mine.

For some history... I was a crazy ass wild child when I was 13 - I did things that will only be available for viewing in my HBO series that I want to make. And even though everyone that remembers me from that age has always told me that I was nice it appears my sneaking suspicion that I was actually a bitch may be true. Today my friend of a friend told me that I was a complete bitch to her. I don't actually remember it. My closes friend doesn't remember either. But we may have been drunk or stoned or intoxicated in some way at the time so I didn't want to argue about it especially since she was obviously holding in these strong feelings for over 25 years, that I don't even seem to remember. Here is her story:

We were hanging out (the 3 of us) and we had a disagreement. Apparently I told my friends friend that she was a piece of shit. or something like that. And she walked off alone down the mountain park, Mt Tabor to be specific. and Mel and I walked the other way.

I was greeted today with many..... this is HER?@!>......... and Here she ISSSSS. introductions having no idea what they were talking about because it has been over 25 years since this incident happened and it never seemed to be a big memory to me.. only to find out an hour or so later in jodi's slightly intoxicated state that she held this terrible memory against me for all these years. A sad moment. Someone even walked in to say to jodi, "come on it was 25 years ago." but it was real to her, and I felt very sad I had offended her, even though I am quite certain there must be more to the story then she was saying.

And I must say that mel' friend Jodi is super cool and I wish she was my friend.

I got her phone number.. Can you believe she has been with the same man for 21 years. I have 11 years with my husband and I don't know how she does it.

Speaking of relationships. I had another epiphany the other day.

this goes out to all those females in long term relationships out there:

Have you ever noticed how when you have a really good day (in a long term relationship) that you think... "Wow we have been happy for so long, things are so great isn't it so wonderful".

but if you have a bad day the very next day you think, "Wow I have been unhappy for so long, I just can't believe how I can put up with this."

then the next day or a few days later you could possibly experience the same happy day again and think how happy you've always been.?

Or am I the only fickle one around here?