Friday, February 26, 2010

Advocating does it really get you anywhere?

I know in my heart that going out on a limb and speaking out gets you somewhere... it opens the minds of the legislators. And can at least get your your issue on their radar. But since I've been advocating for immigration reform since 2001. Because that is when I figured out my personal situation is impossible. I have felt as if I've gotten a lot of , "here here and ahh poor thing's" And absolutely NO action.

I have noticed one small difference I think I helped make.... when I first started writing letters and emails and phone calls to my Congressman (Bluemnauer) and my Senator (Wyden) on their website you have to select a category in order to post your inquiry. Do you know that up until 2 years ago "Immigration" was not even on the menu. I do send emails, letters, and make phone calls and I know that is a small acknowledgement as a piece of action... but I have to think I had at least a little to do with it. I've gotten so many form letters back and most of them were a slap in the face. I would write how to my legislators that Families need to be united and I would receive form letters back saying "Yes we too are against illegal immigration". I was like

FUCK YOU. ok try again.

I would write letters saying that I was offended by their letter, and then I would get a generic response back, I think the same form letter but even more generic as not to offend me.

Well, I was inspired to write this blog post because I got an email the other day to speak out about the practice of using a credit report to get a job. It addressed the whole concept that if your bills are behind and you lost your job you could not get a job because your bills are behind. And as a small pat on the back I'd like to think that my 1 letter (email) of the 872 helped to make a difference. (In this case I'm referring to advocacy through

I'm telling you, if we all speak out, we can make a difference with immigration. I know many of us are losing steam on the issue but we must continue and unite.

Go on the internet, search out issues that are important to you, sign up for the advocating websites email news letters and read them. They do all the work, when the issue comes up to act they email you or text you explaining the issue and all you usually have to do is click on a link and fill out a form and click submit, and poof your speaking out.

God Bless,
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland

PS, college is going great, but I'm not filming this term and can't wait to get back to it.