Friday, February 26, 2010

Advocating does it really get you anywhere?

I know in my heart that going out on a limb and speaking out gets you somewhere... it opens the minds of the legislators. And can at least get your your issue on their radar. But since I've been advocating for immigration reform since 2001. Because that is when I figured out my personal situation is impossible. I have felt as if I've gotten a lot of , "here here and ahh poor thing's" And absolutely NO action.

I have noticed one small difference I think I helped make.... when I first started writing letters and emails and phone calls to my Congressman (Bluemnauer) and my Senator (Wyden) on their website you have to select a category in order to post your inquiry. Do you know that up until 2 years ago "Immigration" was not even on the menu. I do send emails, letters, and make phone calls and I know that is a small acknowledgement as a piece of action... but I have to think I had at least a little to do with it. I've gotten so many form letters back and most of them were a slap in the face. I would write how to my legislators that Families need to be united and I would receive form letters back saying "Yes we too are against illegal immigration". I was like

FUCK YOU. ok try again.

I would write letters saying that I was offended by their letter, and then I would get a generic response back, I think the same form letter but even more generic as not to offend me.

Well, I was inspired to write this blog post because I got an email the other day to speak out about the practice of using a credit report to get a job. It addressed the whole concept that if your bills are behind and you lost your job you could not get a job because your bills are behind. And as a small pat on the back I'd like to think that my 1 letter (email) of the 872 helped to make a difference. (In this case I'm referring to advocacy through

I'm telling you, if we all speak out, we can make a difference with immigration. I know many of us are losing steam on the issue but we must continue and unite.

Go on the internet, search out issues that are important to you, sign up for the advocating websites email news letters and read them. They do all the work, when the issue comes up to act they email you or text you explaining the issue and all you usually have to do is click on a link and fill out a form and click submit, and poof your speaking out.

God Bless,
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland

PS, college is going great, but I'm not filming this term and can't wait to get back to it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Potatoes are still alive - weird observation

Ok, so we go to the store
we buy potatoes and they look
like this generally... right?
Then they sit in the cupboard
and if you don't use them in
time they start to look like this...

I was thinking about this. Potatoes are not like other vegetables.... they are still alive. they are sitting there in your cupboard and they still grow. And what is even more interesting is they do it without light, and without soil. So they just grow roots from themselves. How fascinating isn't it. could you imagine if we got put into a closet and left there and came out with a new leg or arm.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Todays epiphany

Today as I was starting a load of laundry I started the water and I sorted the laundry, one by one I added more to the load waiting to see how much I could fit. Once the water got to the top I was sorting the rest of the laundry and of course I found that one pair of jeans that I really wanted clean but it seemed they wouldn't fit. By then the washer had started its wash cycle and was chugga chugging. I set that pair of jeans on top of the load and watched the machine slowly suck them into the load.

I feel like that pair of a jeans is a perfect metaphor for so many things?

I set it on top and at first it pulled only a little part of the jeans, it seemed as if it didn't have room or wasn't going to pull in the rest. But then far quicker than I expected it pulled in the rest of the pants until all that was left was one cuff of one leg.

That is life. I thought. so unsuspecting. so deceiving. there are so many things in life that are just like the washing machine and those jeans.

Friday, February 19, 2010

oh you want to be friends with me - smack

So as I've said before I regressed in my social skills while living in mexico. I was great back when I worked for the city, and I was pretty good right before I moved to Mexico but it has taken me months to figure this out again. Well, I really haven't figured much out except that I am very set in my ways.

Some of you are thinking shut up with all this self analysis, but it is what I do when I am trying to solve interpersonal problems so .... sorry.

Here is what I've figured out or confirmed for my own personality thesis:
#1 I continually alienate people without meaning to... (but I already knew that.)
#2 I really do like people and I want people to like me - but if they don't I get over it pretty easily

Here is my new finding: I believe that once people actually try to get to know me I test them. The closer I get to them the more bazaar things I say. If they think its funny too then I open up more and become more considerate to their feelings. This just might be the opposite of nearly everyone else in this world. Meaning..... people usually edit what they say until they know someone well and then they open up. So this freaks people out. The weak ones cannot handle it. The insecure ones definitely cannot handle it.

I realized this new information about myself at a random moment the other day - I push people away. I truly want to be like jesus but when I am so busy busy busy that is probably a good way to weed out any threats. If people want to think I am weird, let them, well who am I kidding people already think I am weird and I am very proud of it. I can easily tell who is kind, and who is adventurous and who is open. Or more specifically stated - compatible to hang out with. My fellow students SHOULD see my freakiness (not meant in a sexual way), and if they still like me, then maybe we can become friends. I was like that at 12 years old and I am still like that. I push away first and see who is left.

I will pray for guidance on this but at least I understand it now.

God bless.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Keep the American Dream Alive for All Immigrants! - want to advocate for better immigration laws you can start here:

Rules Tighten on Foreign Farm Workers - what the?

I sure hope there is a strategy about this because right now if they are tighten in farm worker regulations then I am not feeling positive about what I need for immigration. What the?

Rules Tighten on Foreign Farm Workers
By Melanie Trottman and Miriam Jordan
The Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2010

U.S. farmers will find it harder to get visas for foreign workers under a new Labor Department rule issued Thursday.

Growers estimate that the vast majority of field workers are foreign-born, although only a fraction of those—86,000 in the last fiscal year—received visas under the program affected by the new rule.

Groups representing growers said the rule would complicate their search for workers to harvest crops, and called for Congress to overhaul farm labor laws. Unions applauded the decision, which had been telegraphed last fall.

Under the new rule, effective March 15, employers seeking H-2A visas for agricultural workers will be required to provide documented proof that they looked for qualified U.S. people to fill jobs, instead of simply attesting to the effort. The Labor Department also is creating a national electronic job registry to help growers find workers from the U.S.

The department is also set soon to issue new guidelines for determining minimum wages at employers seeking to participate in the visa program. It said it took the action after wages for legal immigrant workers in the program fell following a change to the formula by the Bush Administration. The Labor Department said the average certified wage for H-2A workers has fallen to $8.02 an hour from $9.04 for fiscal year 2009 applications processed before the Bush rule change.

The Labor Department actions reverse changes in farm-labor regulation enacted by the Bush administration in late 2008.

They come as President Barack Obama faces growing pressure from union leaders dismayed by setbacks to their agenda, including a Senate vote this week that blocked the nomination of former Service Employees International Union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. The leaders have suggested that unions—traditionally big backers of Democratic candidates—might sit out November's congressional elections unless the administration does more to deliver on promises to more strongly enforce labor laws.

The White House, in the aftermath of Mr. Becker's defeat, has sought to reassure union leaders that it 'will work with our allies and with Congress to help restore balance to the federal government on behalf of working people.'

The rule issued Thursday 'is a great victory for all farm workers,' said Arturo Rodriguez, president of the United Farm Workers of America.

Tom Nassif, chief executive of Western Growers, an association that represents farmers in California and Arizona, said the new rules didn't address the problems farmers face finding seasonal help.

'Even with an economy that is suffering through 10% unemployment, domestic workers are not applying for these jobs,' Mr. Nassif said. 'We know our produce is going to be harvested by foreign workers. The question is: Will it be here in the U.S. or will it be abroad?'

Craig Regelbrugge, vice president of government relations for ANLA, an association representing nurseries, said the current H-2A program for guest workers needed to be overhauled by Congress. Employers complain that the H-2A program is costly, bureaucratic and inflexible. Farm workers on H-2A visas fill only about 2% to 3% of U.S. seasonal farm jobs, mostly in the fruit, vegetable, nursery and Christmas tree sectors, he said.

In recent years the H-2A program has become more widely used by nursery and greenhouse growers, as authorities have cracked down on illegal immigration.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I wanna be a comedian - but I always forget the hilarious thing thought of in the shower

I went to one of those sex toy parties today. My problem is I've already been to the sex shop to buy the toys at like 25 percent of the price of the party. That ruins things.

It was quite the entertaining experience. I was around the family and friends of a friend of a close friend of mine.

For some history... I was a crazy ass wild child when I was 13 - I did things that will only be available for viewing in my HBO series that I want to make. And even though everyone that remembers me from that age has always told me that I was nice it appears my sneaking suspicion that I was actually a bitch may be true. Today my friend of a friend told me that I was a complete bitch to her. I don't actually remember it. My closes friend doesn't remember either. But we may have been drunk or stoned or intoxicated in some way at the time so I didn't want to argue about it especially since she was obviously holding in these strong feelings for over 25 years, that I don't even seem to remember. Here is her story:

We were hanging out (the 3 of us) and we had a disagreement. Apparently I told my friends friend that she was a piece of shit. or something like that. And she walked off alone down the mountain park, Mt Tabor to be specific. and Mel and I walked the other way.

I was greeted today with many..... this is HER?@!>......... and Here she ISSSSS. introductions having no idea what they were talking about because it has been over 25 years since this incident happened and it never seemed to be a big memory to me.. only to find out an hour or so later in jodi's slightly intoxicated state that she held this terrible memory against me for all these years. A sad moment. Someone even walked in to say to jodi, "come on it was 25 years ago." but it was real to her, and I felt very sad I had offended her, even though I am quite certain there must be more to the story then she was saying.

And I must say that mel' friend Jodi is super cool and I wish she was my friend.

I got her phone number.. Can you believe she has been with the same man for 21 years. I have 11 years with my husband and I don't know how she does it.

Speaking of relationships. I had another epiphany the other day.

this goes out to all those females in long term relationships out there:

Have you ever noticed how when you have a really good day (in a long term relationship) that you think... "Wow we have been happy for so long, things are so great isn't it so wonderful".

but if you have a bad day the very next day you think, "Wow I have been unhappy for so long, I just can't believe how I can put up with this."

then the next day or a few days later you could possibly experience the same happy day again and think how happy you've always been.?

Or am I the only fickle one around here?