Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The well traveled Bike Brackets and Freecycle

I recently joined who has a yahoo group. It is a group where it is supposed to save stuff from landfills. But it appears a way to just basically donate stuff to individuals that need it and you can also post stuff that you want.

There was a suggestion to post an item to "OFFER" before you ask for something "WANTED". Soooo being that I am new back to the USA I didn't think I had anything here in my apartment...... then I realized I have this bag of old electronics just hanging around. It was a whole bunch of stuff I could probably sell for a few dollars each on craigslist. But I really wanted to up my Karma score so I decided to give it away. (that reminds me of the throwing change story - see next post) Anyway, so .... I posted a whole bunch of stuff to give away that I had been saving for no actual good reason. A webcam I used with my old Laptop. A laptop power cord adapter. A G3 modem for Mexico. (by the way, if any of you guys IN Mexico want my Telcel Banda Ancha Modem email me at and maybe we can figure out a way to get it to you.Its a little spendy for internet -around 600 pesos prepaid, 400 pesos with contract - don't do it though they screw you, but if you travel around Mexico it is worth it. You can get internet where ever there is Telcel service and you know that is basically everywhere. Even where there are no phones.)

So the list goes on and on, an old ipod and accessories, bringing me to the bike brackets. When I was living there on Corbetena Street in Puerto Vallarta, which is several blocks behind the main Walmart in PV and a lady sold these over priced items which are handy little household organizer items you would find in the US quite easily, but not there. One day when we still hadn't finished the remodel of the house yet I got a hair up the something and had to buy those bike brackets. They were 99 pesos. I must have still had money at the time, or who knows, I had that itch where you just have to buy something even if you don't have money. Does that ever happen to you? And about a week later the lady brought them to me. But we never used them.

So I brought them back from Mexico in my luggage, still in their packages, convinced I would some day need them. Weird I chose those bike brackets over family photos that are stored in El Rancho. Then the day before yesterday I realized.... I'm not going to use them. Nope I'm never going to use them. So a lady came today to pick them up. A very nice and smart looking lady driving a Prius, (car to the stars) she said she was moving to Korea, into a very small apartment and would need them there for her bike. I told her that is funny because I bought them in Mexico and just never got around to using them. Now they will fly with her to Korea. Those are some well travelled bike brackets I tell you. She also said she would be in Korea for 2 years. I thought how interesting I lived in Mexico exactly 2 years to the day. Well in truth stlightly more because I went back for the summer.

Adios yall,
Happy Traveling
PV Girl in Portland
P. S. I think I'm starting to miss PV a little. It's cold here.