Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Happy Day, some days just jump out at you especially with the threat of bird poop.

This morning was a very interesting morning. It started as a typical disoriented day. I start a little later at school on Thursdays and I was going out the door and went down the 3 flights of stairs and thought I forgot my cell phone, so I go all the way upstairs and realize it was in my purse after all. I head over to the train station, which is a few blocks away and realize I must have just missed the train. It is gray and cloudy but not raining and pretty warm. I walk up to stamp my bus ticket that I put in my pocket and realize that I had dropped it somewhere. Then I stamp a new one and head toward the back of the landing. I start to walk farther back and realize I didn't want to get pooped on by the pigeons so I sort of go back and forth indecisively. A woman who was nearby sees me and makes a comment "Gotta watch out for those birds".

I answered, "Yeah", pause, "That reminds me of when I was in High School and A bird pooped on me. " I passed an elegantly dressed woman and head toward the lady who spoke. She seemed interested so I went to tell her the story. "It was the 80's, I was thin then, and wearing a little white lowcut top", I motion the shape of it on my chest. Just then the elegant lady walks up.

"I have my own story and I want to hear yours", she says with a smile. She had dark hair and though she was older, maybe mid to late 50's, not really sure, she was striking and very beautiful, perfect lipstick and hair meticulously done in a smooth gentle curl.

I told the story of how I thought I was pretty hot shit, and I was walking to a writing class, I can't believe I remember what type of class it was. as I passed between one mobile class to the next there was a gap in the roof and a milisecond before I entered the class a bird pooped inside my cleavage. It was humiliating and only I knew.

So the movie star looking woman started her story after we were done. She was vacationing in the South of France, at a very quaint sidewalk cafe. She had ordered a mushroom omelet, it had just been delivered and she was about to take her first bite as a bird pooped right on her food. She said to this day she cannot bare to eat cooked mushrooms. Just as she was finishing her story the train came. We entered the train and sat in an area close to each other. Suddelnly I found out that the first lady I met worked for the Secret Service working on Counterfeiting, and the Movie star lady, who looks exactly like a mexican "Novela" movie star i've seen worked for HUD. I said, "what a coincidence you are both federal employees".

I mentioned at some point I am a cougar, not really but joking cause my husband is 6 years younger than me. Then the guy I had not noticed earlier, because the ladies were so captivating, spoke up and said that his wife was six years older than he was. He was very cute and I don't know why I hadn't noticed him. Then somehow I mentioned that I am a film student and where I go. Movie star lady said that her family was in the film industry. She grew up in Hollywood, and she used to date Clint Eastwood, but broke it off with him back in the day when she realized it wasn't going anywhere because he was married. She sort of regrets it now. She said she knows the Barrymore family. She also said that Maya Angelo lives in Portland Now? Is that true? I had no idea, but there is a road here recently named Maya Angelo.

Darn I haven't finished my story and my class is starting.

Real quick, well the guy that was there also said that he had graduated from my school in the last few years from the visual effects program and has been working for some very prominent companies since then. Which is very encouraging.

Both ladies got off the train, and the movie star lady gave me her card and I said, I'd love to do a documentary on her. She had tons of other tidbits she mentioned really quick, like she used to be a playboy bunny. Not a centerfold but in the club. .... anyway, I'm thinking of interviewing her and doing a documentary.

Then the train in front of my train broke down, everyone got off the train, I had to walk 10 extra blocks to school, I was late, but... my interesting morning didn't stop there, right before I got to school I saw a deranged homeless guy that looks like a young artist with dreds telling a passerby he was going to kill him. I was pushing the button for the cross walk, thinking change change change.

The end.