Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In my heart I'm a writer - My to do list as a mother/student

That's a photo of my daughter in the Target with the toy I wanted to buy but cannot afford. I love those, now days they are made of plastic instead of those metal push pins.

OK, its 10:15 am and.....

I have a 1 page paper to write about an industry talk I went to Monday. I have a color palette I have to paint and cut out. I have a meeting with a student that I like to work with about a contest for a game show I want to develop through filmaka due February 7, what do they mean visual? I saw a contest for Coke for short film entries contest closes February 15, and that's swimming in the back of my mind. I have reading to do that I have to stop and concentrate on. I need to clean this apartment. I should make dinner today...... I have a clip that I need to ad sound to for my audio class- but that can wait a few days. I have a Parent teacher conference at Head start at 1:30 today, for my little boy and I have to take the bus to get there. I need to scan-in snow ... well stuff that looks like snow, for my graphic arts class. I will have a winter Olympics 2010 poster due in a few weeks. I have class tomorrow all day. On Friday I have a Parenting Research Appointment for my 7 year old. And all the work of daily life.

And I'm sitting here at the breakfast bar on a wooden stool, with my music blaring on my laptop, and I just want to write in my blog.....

Correction I mean I want to do all that stuff, but I always feel like writing and checking my email is my first priority, after feeding and clothing my kids and myself of course. Oh man Rent is due a few days. How did that sneak up?