Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bureau of labor report

I was searching on the internet on a whim looking for what job would be a good job for people in the future and how to navigate through this economy. And... somehow I ran across the Bureau of Labors projection from 2008 - 2016. you know they put millions of dollars into these reports.

This report is vaguely interesting that it is trying to predict what jobs will have growth and what the workforce will be comprised of in 2016. It says that in 2016 the people who consider themselves Hispanic in the work force will outnumber the people who do not consider themselves Hispanic. Also it says that there will be increases in jobs like construction and healthcare, but decrease in jobs like manufacturing goods. The largest growth is supposed to be in business services (what ever that encompasses?) and health care and social services.

Thats all pretty much what we've been being told in the news anyway. But I am relieved to read that the construction industry is projected to grow, because right now.. at this moment in Oregon there is barely any jobs. When does it pick up again? With spring?