Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to classes tomorrow

So my long Christmas Vacation is over and tomorrow I go back to class, but instead of having 4 classes on 4 days a week I will be taking 4 classes in 2 days a week, and have much less commuting. I am very excited and relieved to be going back. I think my vacation was too long, it was about 4 weeks. I've gained weight and gotten lazy and even become much less inspired. But at the same time I've had alot of introspection which I think will help me when I go back.

I've figured out, people perceive honesty from strangers or acquantances as rudeness. So in the words of Harrison Ford I am going to try his philosphy " I do have opinions, and I don't mind arguing for my point of view, but I try not to exercise them at the risk of not hearing other people."

We will see how it goes.

Happy Winter!