Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In my heart I'm a writer - My to do list as a mother/student

That's a photo of my daughter in the Target with the toy I wanted to buy but cannot afford. I love those, now days they are made of plastic instead of those metal push pins.

OK, its 10:15 am and.....

I have a 1 page paper to write about an industry talk I went to Monday. I have a color palette I have to paint and cut out. I have a meeting with a student that I like to work with about a contest for a game show I want to develop through filmaka due February 7, what do they mean visual? I saw a contest for Coke for short film entries contest closes February 15, and that's swimming in the back of my mind. I have reading to do that I have to stop and concentrate on. I need to clean this apartment. I should make dinner today...... I have a clip that I need to ad sound to for my audio class- but that can wait a few days. I have a Parent teacher conference at Head start at 1:30 today, for my little boy and I have to take the bus to get there. I need to scan-in snow ... well stuff that looks like snow, for my graphic arts class. I will have a winter Olympics 2010 poster due in a few weeks. I have class tomorrow all day. On Friday I have a Parenting Research Appointment for my 7 year old. And all the work of daily life.

And I'm sitting here at the breakfast bar on a wooden stool, with my music blaring on my laptop, and I just want to write in my blog.....

Correction I mean I want to do all that stuff, but I always feel like writing and checking my email is my first priority, after feeding and clothing my kids and myself of course. Oh man Rent is due a few days. How did that sneak up?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Idea for today - pay attention to what you focus on

So.... If you've been reading this for awhile you know that I get these spiritual emails from one Mary Morrissey today the idea is this:

Always remember what you focus on will expand.

I love this concept because it is so true. Anything that you hold in your mind will expand and get bigger.

For example the other day I witnessed it, with the law of attraction, several times. When the lady on the train said she had dated Clint Eastwood, the teacher in my second class of the day, randomly brought up Clint Eastwood. Every day there is a series of these types of things that happen.

What you focus on expands. Be careful what you spend your time thinking about, because your bound to get more of it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Happy Day, some days just jump out at you especially with the threat of bird poop.

This morning was a very interesting morning. It started as a typical disoriented day. I start a little later at school on Thursdays and I was going out the door and went down the 3 flights of stairs and thought I forgot my cell phone, so I go all the way upstairs and realize it was in my purse after all. I head over to the train station, which is a few blocks away and realize I must have just missed the train. It is gray and cloudy but not raining and pretty warm. I walk up to stamp my bus ticket that I put in my pocket and realize that I had dropped it somewhere. Then I stamp a new one and head toward the back of the landing. I start to walk farther back and realize I didn't want to get pooped on by the pigeons so I sort of go back and forth indecisively. A woman who was nearby sees me and makes a comment "Gotta watch out for those birds".

I answered, "Yeah", pause, "That reminds me of when I was in High School and A bird pooped on me. " I passed an elegantly dressed woman and head toward the lady who spoke. She seemed interested so I went to tell her the story. "It was the 80's, I was thin then, and wearing a little white lowcut top", I motion the shape of it on my chest. Just then the elegant lady walks up.

"I have my own story and I want to hear yours", she says with a smile. She had dark hair and though she was older, maybe mid to late 50's, not really sure, she was striking and very beautiful, perfect lipstick and hair meticulously done in a smooth gentle curl.

I told the story of how I thought I was pretty hot shit, and I was walking to a writing class, I can't believe I remember what type of class it was. as I passed between one mobile class to the next there was a gap in the roof and a milisecond before I entered the class a bird pooped inside my cleavage. It was humiliating and only I knew.

So the movie star looking woman started her story after we were done. She was vacationing in the South of France, at a very quaint sidewalk cafe. She had ordered a mushroom omelet, it had just been delivered and she was about to take her first bite as a bird pooped right on her food. She said to this day she cannot bare to eat cooked mushrooms. Just as she was finishing her story the train came. We entered the train and sat in an area close to each other. Suddelnly I found out that the first lady I met worked for the Secret Service working on Counterfeiting, and the Movie star lady, who looks exactly like a mexican "Novela" movie star i've seen worked for HUD. I said, "what a coincidence you are both federal employees".

I mentioned at some point I am a cougar, not really but joking cause my husband is 6 years younger than me. Then the guy I had not noticed earlier, because the ladies were so captivating, spoke up and said that his wife was six years older than he was. He was very cute and I don't know why I hadn't noticed him. Then somehow I mentioned that I am a film student and where I go. Movie star lady said that her family was in the film industry. She grew up in Hollywood, and she used to date Clint Eastwood, but broke it off with him back in the day when she realized it wasn't going anywhere because he was married. She sort of regrets it now. She said she knows the Barrymore family. She also said that Maya Angelo lives in Portland Now? Is that true? I had no idea, but there is a road here recently named Maya Angelo.

Darn I haven't finished my story and my class is starting.

Real quick, well the guy that was there also said that he had graduated from my school in the last few years from the visual effects program and has been working for some very prominent companies since then. Which is very encouraging.

Both ladies got off the train, and the movie star lady gave me her card and I said, I'd love to do a documentary on her. She had tons of other tidbits she mentioned really quick, like she used to be a playboy bunny. Not a centerfold but in the club. .... anyway, I'm thinking of interviewing her and doing a documentary.

Then the train in front of my train broke down, everyone got off the train, I had to walk 10 extra blocks to school, I was late, but... my interesting morning didn't stop there, right before I got to school I saw a deranged homeless guy that looks like a young artist with dreds telling a passerby he was going to kill him. I was pushing the button for the cross walk, thinking change change change.

The end.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pv girls got her groove back - and a bigger i-tail then originally thought

I don't know if I'm high off this way tooo strong instant cup of coffee or I just feel fabulous. I was just dancing in the kitchen to "Paper Planes" my still favorite song. I am so happy to be back in School. I feel inspired again. My brain stops working efficiently when I don't have enough going on. When things are slow my inspiration slows down too. When things are crazy I don't have time to write about it. I just have to make notes and come back later I guess.

Ok. What I wanted to write about today is this: Every so often I search the internet for my name, names of my family and friends just checking to see what I see. I don't usually find much under my name. If you search for Puerto Vallarta Girl, you find a lot, but that is my alias, so its ok. However, today, I decided to search my personal email address which I have had since 1998. And I found a list of stuff. So I guess I have a bigger i-tail then I thought. I think I just made that up "I-tail", unless you've heard it before? Try it, search your personal email and see if you find anything.

PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The well traveled Bike Brackets and Freecycle

I recently joined who has a yahoo group. It is a group where it is supposed to save stuff from landfills. But it appears a way to just basically donate stuff to individuals that need it and you can also post stuff that you want.

There was a suggestion to post an item to "OFFER" before you ask for something "WANTED". Soooo being that I am new back to the USA I didn't think I had anything here in my apartment...... then I realized I have this bag of old electronics just hanging around. It was a whole bunch of stuff I could probably sell for a few dollars each on craigslist. But I really wanted to up my Karma score so I decided to give it away. (that reminds me of the throwing change story - see next post) Anyway, so .... I posted a whole bunch of stuff to give away that I had been saving for no actual good reason. A webcam I used with my old Laptop. A laptop power cord adapter. A G3 modem for Mexico. (by the way, if any of you guys IN Mexico want my Telcel Banda Ancha Modem email me at and maybe we can figure out a way to get it to you.Its a little spendy for internet -around 600 pesos prepaid, 400 pesos with contract - don't do it though they screw you, but if you travel around Mexico it is worth it. You can get internet where ever there is Telcel service and you know that is basically everywhere. Even where there are no phones.)

So the list goes on and on, an old ipod and accessories, bringing me to the bike brackets. When I was living there on Corbetena Street in Puerto Vallarta, which is several blocks behind the main Walmart in PV and a lady sold these over priced items which are handy little household organizer items you would find in the US quite easily, but not there. One day when we still hadn't finished the remodel of the house yet I got a hair up the something and had to buy those bike brackets. They were 99 pesos. I must have still had money at the time, or who knows, I had that itch where you just have to buy something even if you don't have money. Does that ever happen to you? And about a week later the lady brought them to me. But we never used them.

So I brought them back from Mexico in my luggage, still in their packages, convinced I would some day need them. Weird I chose those bike brackets over family photos that are stored in El Rancho. Then the day before yesterday I realized.... I'm not going to use them. Nope I'm never going to use them. So a lady came today to pick them up. A very nice and smart looking lady driving a Prius, (car to the stars) she said she was moving to Korea, into a very small apartment and would need them there for her bike. I told her that is funny because I bought them in Mexico and just never got around to using them. Now they will fly with her to Korea. Those are some well travelled bike brackets I tell you. She also said she would be in Korea for 2 years. I thought how interesting I lived in Mexico exactly 2 years to the day. Well in truth stlightly more because I went back for the summer.

Adios yall,
Happy Traveling
PV Girl in Portland
P. S. I think I'm starting to miss PV a little. It's cold here.

bureau of labor report

I was searching on the internet on a whim looking for what job would be a good job for people in the future and how to navigate through this economy. And... somehow I ran across the Bureau of Labors projection from 2008 - 2016. you know they put millions of dollars into these reports.

This report is vaguely interesting that it is trying to predict what jobs will have growth and what the workforce will be comprised of in 2016. It says that in 2016 the people who consider themselves Hispanic in the work force will outnumber the people who do not consider themselves Hispanic. Also it says that there will be increases in jobs like construction and healthcare, but decrease in jobs like manufacturing goods. The largest growth is supposed to be in business services (what ever that encompasses?) and health care and social services.

Thats all pretty much what we've been being told in the news anyway. But I am relieved to read that the construction industry is projected to grow, because right now.. at this moment in Oregon there is barely any jobs. When does it pick up again? With spring?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to classes tomorrow

So my long Christmas Vacation is over and tomorrow I go back to class, but instead of having 4 classes on 4 days a week I will be taking 4 classes in 2 days a week, and have much less commuting. I am very excited and relieved to be going back. I think my vacation was too long, it was about 4 weeks. I've gained weight and gotten lazy and even become much less inspired. But at the same time I've had alot of introspection which I think will help me when I go back.

I've figured out, people perceive honesty from strangers or acquantances as rudeness. So in the words of Harrison Ford I am going to try his philosphy " I do have opinions, and I don't mind arguing for my point of view, but I try not to exercise them at the risk of not hearing other people."

We will see how it goes.

Happy Winter!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Introspective analysis - to small talk or not to small talk that is the question

Before August 1999 - I used to spend these hangover days talking to my Dad. My hangover is from drinking low quality rum last night, after not having drank for several months. My dad would let me ramble on and on about anything I wanted. And be supportive. I was thinking about that idea.. and then my old friend called me and we talked for an hour and a half. Lately... I rarely ever talk on the phone. I'm not really a talk on the phone kind of person. And it was so nice talking to her. We met when we were 12 years old and we went through a lot of stuff together. I am so happy that she called me. I love her. I love her like a sister. She knew my Dad. She is one of the only people that I know, other than my brother, that knew how great my Dad was.

I was saying how I want to make a series of movies of what we went through in our teenage years. There is alot of stuff that she doesn't want to remember but there is alot of really funny stuff we did. We were crazy. Have you ever seen the movie 13 about teenage girls...I don't remember exactly what the girls did, but we were something like that, and now we are a cross between that and the Banger sisters with Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn.

She is at a point where she doesn't want to remember the crazy stuff we did but I think what better material for my future movies than all that totally insanely crazy stuff we used to do. So many wonderful stories.

So I had a breakthrough last night about my issue with relationships with people. I think it has a huge amount to do with my lack of small talk. I freak people out, because I don't speak the language of small talk. I don't talk about the weather, unless it is directly affecting me at the moment. I'm bad at asking people how they are doing. And I guess it is all because I am too self absorbed?

Now this brings me to the point of ... whether or not I want to change that? And whether or not it is important in my spiritual journey to do small talk or not. I've been studying "A Course in Miracles" and it teaches that what is important is not what you see, and is not anything outside of you. What has all the promise and value is the world you cannot see. So the analytical problem then becomes - invest in solving a superficial issue with my satisfaction in the world (small talk) or study and figure out the spiritual philosophy of A course in Miracles and put all my faith into what I do not see.

That is what is rolling around in my head right now.