Monday, November 9, 2009

World Trade Center Bombing 1993 - Long round about way to continue My Spiritual Journey - Part 5

Then came the day when I sat down with my then Boss, we will call him J. J was a warm and sweet Executive Vice President of an Investment Firm. I was his Administrative Assistant. One morning I went into his office and I was telling him about a coincidence I had experienced that morning. He said that my story sounded like the Celestine Prophecy which is crappy writing he said but an interesting concept. I said "What is the Celestine Prophecy"? He said well first I want to tell you a story.

But before I get into the FABULOUS STORY HE TOLD ME here is a picture of me and 2 other ladies in the office and we are dressed up for Halloween as Bill and the Lewinsky sisters. I'm on the left.

Ok so this is the long really cool story. Keep in mind the day in J's office was spring 1998.

Here goes: He had a handmade clay tea cup on his desk and he showed it to me, J. and his wife owned an artsy Home Decor store. In 1993 J and his wife travelled to New York City to visit with a Corporate Head of the company and while they were in New York they wanted to meet with this woman who made these specialty tea cups. They drove way out into the suburbs, it may have been New Jersey and went into some old building with those old type elevators where you pull a rope to make the elevator go up and down. They went into an apartment and a man told them to wait, and they were shown these complete sets of the tea cups and became the only people to carry these original art work tea cups on the West Coast. Then they left and as they were walking they past a sports memorabilia store, J loved sports memorabilia so they went in. Inside of the store were some select baseballs from the World Series. Sorry I'm not big on baseball so I don't remember the details, anyway it was a set and he really wanted it but when they saw the $1500 price tag he decided not to buy it. His wife had some more shopping to do and he had to get to a meeting in the World Trade Center. So he was rushing to get back to the World Trade Center. Later he was in a restaurant in the World Trade Center when there was a loud noise and a trembling. If I can remember correctly he said that during this bombing, while he was inside of the attached building, he continued lunch and at first no one even realized that anything had happened for quite awhile. A 1/2 hour later the building was evacuated. (this story is really amazing because this all happened way before 9/11) here is a link to the event if you are interested - World Trade Center Bombing in 1993.

So he and his wife were still in New York and the whole city was a ruckus but the feeling of almost being affected by a terrorist act got him thinking that he really should go back and buy those baseballs. So he goes back to the shop where the baseballs were at and is prepared to fork out the $1,500. dollars when he finds out they were just sold 1/2 hour earlier.

Ok so he goes back to Portland and lives his life and then about 1 1/2 years later he gets a call from an old friend that invites him to dinner. This was like an old college buddy. He goes to this friends house and after dinner they are browsing around the guys house looking at his art and sports memorabilia turns out that his friend bought the same famous baseball set that he wanted, on the same day he went to buy in, in New Jersey, 1/2 hour before he went to buy it.

So when he sees the tea cup on his desk that is what it reminds him of. I was like wow, what a coincidence. So he said yeah.... check out the Celestine prophecy. So I did.

I agree the writing itself is not amazing, but the concepts to follow coincidences in your life are exciting and interesting. And I did practice this for awhile. If you are interested in this concept I recommend to also read, "The Power of Flow".

My spiritual Journey to be continued.