Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What really happened in 1996 when the Immigration Laws got all messed up

Ok so we...... meaning us who are dramatically affected by the immigration laws.... we are all aware that in 1996 the laws changed right?

And when we tell people we are American Citizens and married to a foreign man and they are banned from the USA, people are like... What? All you have to do is marry them right? and we are like. "People always say that, but ahhhh no, it's not that easy, not since 1996"

So have you ever wondered what exactly happened in 1996?

Why on earth would the Clinton Administration do this to us? I've always thought it had to be Bush somehow... but it wasn't.

Well I got it answered today. Here is the answer to this question about how the immigration laws got totally screwed up in the first place.

But as of now this is Chisme, which I encourage you to fact check, as I will..... I do need to verify all of this, but this has been told to me in a phone conversation with someone who is very politically involved in immigration issues. If you want to check it out and post a link to some of your findings in the comments that would be great, but here is the story I heard today.

Back in the day on Wednesday, or 1996 there were some major "balancing and passing the national budget" issues going on. In fact there was something going on with Newt Gingrich and the Budget.

The government came to a standstill/gridlock and this is what happened: The only way they could get a budget passed (and get the government back to work) was by the Senate and House passing the budget. But what the Republicans did was to attach an Immigration Amendment to the budget.

When it got to Clinton for signature.... and the entire government was gridlocked and stuck, it was inevitable that Clinton had to sign this bill, because the government has basically shut down without it.

And my contact also mentioned to me that the republicans thought this was going to curb illegal immigration but in truth it had the opposite result. Because after that immigrants found out that they could not travel back to their home countries seasonally without having permanent effects on their immigration status. Because if they got caught at the border they would lose their ability to get legal for 10 years, 20 years or lifetime. So instead of curbing illegal immigration it actually made it so that illegal immigrants had to stay in the US, and then later on they would miss their family so more of their family would come.

I believe this is true because with Mexico specifically, everyone that I have ever met from Mexico did not come here thinking they wanted to stay here. When they first came they just wanted to make some money so that they can go back and have a better life in Mexico. But with the way the laws are written, especially since 1996 once you come you are stuck, and you have to choose one country or the other.

Please comment and add to the story, or even discredit the story if you know more info. But I do find this highly interesting.

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