Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Vacuum Cleaner - My spiritual Journey Part 4

I can't remember which started first for me Creative Visualization or Eckankar so I will start with Eckankar because it didn't last long.

After several years of being lightly involved with IANDS (Portland chapter of the International Association of Near Death Experiences) I got some information about Eckankar. I decided to go to a few meetings which were very different from anything that I had ever experienced.

I had read the book they give. To me it was a little weird for some reason, which is funny since I was into the crystals and had an out of body experience as a teen. Anyway, I was at a session or meeting or what ever you call it and we were doing Hu. Hu is humming, or chanting and they believe in Eckankar that the tone of Hu brings you closer to God so everyone chants Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu over and over. Ok so then we do a meditationi and visualization process. And next we imagine our mind empty and blue, because blue is God, they say. Next we imagined a marble rolling around inside our mind and clearing out blocks. If your mind runs into something that is ok. When we were done we were encouraged to talk about what we experienced with our marble. So I told them what happened to me, nonchalantly and was greeted with a room full of gasps.

My experience was this. The marble was rolling around my mind and I saw my grandmother, who died when I was about 8. My grandmother said "Trust Harold, you are the same as Harold". So we completed the meditation and I told the class that experience and then I said, "I have no idea who Harold is, I don't know a Harold" (when I was 17 I did hear about a guy named Harold - that was a friends so called "Sugar Daddy" but I was certain it was not him). They all pointed to the wall. Harold is/was the High Priest or what ever you would call it in Eckankar. Everyone was amazed. I don't know if I am/was completely shallow at the time because I didn't feel anything about Harold except a little freaked out. He didn't look trust-worthy to me. I thought his eyes were lying. Here is Harold and you tell me what you think. So that was the end of Eckankar for me, I just could not shake the not comfortable feeling.

Then one day at Bearly Used Books in Portland, I traded in some romance novels and grabbed a little book that looked interesting. Creative Visualization by Shatki Gawain. That book was a HUGE turning point in my life and in my spiritual Journey. Creative Visualization was a book which was written in the 70's. It is so much more than just Creative Visualization. It does have a little bit of far out stuff but it makes so much sense and really explains the universe. It helps on so many levels. I would HIGHLY Recommend this for anyone who is looking for something in their spiritual journey and is open to bigger possibilities.

I started reading this book little by little I had just split from my first Husband, which was a fake marriage, a 'I got knocked up or I would have never married you' marriage. But it did bring me my fabulous beautiful son. Anyway, I was finding myself again. I just got my own place and I didn't have a car and I didn't have much money and I didn't have furniture.

Ok so I started practicing the methods in Creative Visualization. It goes something like this 1. relax, 2. Use a meditation technique, 3. visualize what you want, 4. Do affirmations of what you want as if you already have it, 5. do more affirmations throughout the day saying that you have said thing or characteristic .

I used this method and within a week I got a great apartment which only required me to pay a small amount of money to move in. I got a car where I didn't have enough money to buy it but a complete stranger said I could pay the additional $100 dollars later on. And People started calling me out of the blue because they either wanted to sell me (on payments) or give me things that I needed, all which I had visualized for. But the most amazing story was the Vacuum. I had just picked up my son from Daycare across town from my new apartment. I was thinking how I was going to have a party the next day and I needed a vacuum. Just then in the same moment I thought about the vacuum I saw a vacuum on the side of the road with a free sign. I quickly pulled over and walked up to the porch and knocked on the door. I verified that the vacuum was really free. The little boy said yes, I said well, can I talk to your mom. The mom walked up and it turned out to be the house of someone I vaguely knew, but didn't know where they lived. She said sure it's free. And we chatted and that was it.

I was hooked. Creative Visualization it was. I am a faithful follower till the day I die. I just have to remember to do it. I've gotten countless things by visualizing them. And the last part I didn't say was always, always, say thank you. Gratitude is very important.

My spiritual Journey continued. This is only 1998.