Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Strawberry Shortcake Festival - My Spiritual Journey Part 3

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By now I was 24, I had married (reluctantly) and had a baby. My dear mother-in-law (not dear to me) suggested we go to a festival out at the Mount Hood Community College. I still felt like something was missing in my life. I felt lonely on some level that I couldn't put my finger on. And I still had an aversion to any church or institution that said "Hell", "Lord", "Apocalypse", and "Sin", I had a sense that god loved you no matter what but I still was not able to articulate it. This would have been 1995. I believe I had been to a few more of those crystal stores and felt really nice there, I picked up more books but still felt like there must be something else.

So we headed out to this event with no idea what to expect and it turned out to be a huge cornerstone of my life at that time. We had all split up and I didn't have my son with me at the time he must have been walking around with his Dad.

What the event was, was an introduction to classes and events through short showings. I remember I learned how to make "Flubber", I learned about the color wheel for interior design and I was just wandering around the Mount Hood Community College Campus.

I stumbled into a dark room where a class that sounded interesting was supposed to be held. Inside the class there was a movie playing. It was Saved by the light, The Dannion Brinkley Story If you haven't heard about this story it is sort of an introduction to Near Death Experiences. I loved these sort of spiritual thriller type movies and I sat there feeling at home. And once the lights came on a Wally something or other spoke. Wally was a professor who had personally had a Near Death Experience and he spoke of a group that met locally here in Portland where people discussed their near death experiences. I had not had a near death experiences but this was the closest to an organized religious experience that I had ever experienced. The group he represented is/was IANDS the International Association of Near death Experiences So I got the information and I started going to meet with IANDS

They were held monthly and they also sent out a monthly mailed newsletter and I attended on and off for a few years. Inside these meetings people would describe their experience of what happened when they were clinically declared dead for 2 or more minutes sometimes 5 minutes. And then they would come back to life.

Up to this point I wouldn't say I had strong faith. But during these classes or meetings I felt the very closest I had ever felt to god up until that point.

Here is what a typical story would go like:

A person dies for what ever reason, they find themselves looking at their own body and people around their body, they are then pulled into a tunnel , in the tunnel some people would describe passing scary shadows, and others would describe a sort of hyper speed, some people would say a loved one would escort them through the tunnel, after they came out of the tunnel they would come up to a brilliant light and that light would be god, or Jesus, or the supreme being, and in the presence of that bright light they would receive all knowledge, and there was no time, and they were fully loved beyond anything that is even describable in words. The feeling was pure love, acceptance, and pure joy. But usually they would then be told that they had to go back, they still needed to do something. In truth they didn't want to go back because they were in that feeling of pure love.

Then they would come back and many people would fall into a depression. Other people would be totally changed. Before the experience, sometimes like Dannion Brinkley they were not nice people. And after the experience they had super human skills, psychic skills. But almost everyone their hearts longed for the pure acceptance they were given in that state.

That is what I was fascinated by. At those meetings I thought I want that. I want to feel that acceptance. But they didn't tell me how to get it. They did tell me about it though at at that time, that is what I needed. To know that somewhere there is pure acceptance.

My spiritual Journey to be continued.