Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elegant Veterans Day Concert - Monday night

My Son is in the "A Choir" at his High school and his group was invited to sing with 2 other A Choirs to sing for a Veterans Tribute at the Portland Schnitzer last Monday night.

I sat there overcome with emotion as my Son sang Yankee Doodle Dandy (and other songs). But this was no simple Yankee Doodle Dandy this was A choir with around 200 very accomplished choir students singing it. In the very moment of Patriotism I looked around and I saw the luxury and the arbitrary yet beautiful extravagance and I heard the words they spoke in the following speeches. And all I could think of is my husband in Poverty in a 3rd world country and unable to be with us. Me in my heels and luxury and him on cold concrete floors and no kitchen sink. It was the purest most beautiful music I may have ever heard.

And a man sang the star spangled banner reminding me of our nation and he spoke of all the wars from the revolutionary war and forward and the music that went with it.

And then they spoke of the war with Mexico, and I felt like God was telling me something.

I just can't believe how big my baby boy is now.

And then later Dennis Marcellino sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and the Kingsmen played some of their music Cherokee Nation and Louie Louie and Born to be Wild. These were all popular during the Vietnam war.

Later a group of people played the "God Bless the USA", country song from the Gulf War, All the while I felt a weird bittersweet feeling about my country.

I love my country, but I really wish they would let me have my husband too.

Regardless my son had such a cool experience, he got to sing onstage with Real Rockstars.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland