Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crazy mom Moment - and I'm talking about me

So here I'll start my incoherent rambling, as I do when I get little whims and I start rambling and then I have no substance to back it up... here goes:

I don't know if anyone else has seen the poem on one of the mom blogs about don't ask the mom for a donut? or something. and the mom is about to do something when she is interupted from something else, and trips over something, that reminds her she has to do another thing, so she drops something and then has to do something else etc etc. until she gets back to her pen or donut or what ever it was that started the seeming rampage but is only a small snapshot into our lives as mothers.

Well, I had one of those moments today and in the middle of the moment, which I am about to describe, I realized how ridiculous I must look if caught on hidden camera. Or how it might play out in one of my future movies.

Picture this (or don't because of how gruesome it may seem to some): I just bought another ready mop. I haven't been moping my very small kitchen or entry way or bathoom like I mopped in Mexico. Any of you girls in Mexico know that sweeping and mopping is no less than an olympic sport in Mexico but here in the US it is an after thought for these smallish apartments with wall to wall carpet.

So there I am with my ready mop, trying to print a few pages from a movie camera manual so that I can study for the movie camera test tomorrow, and I was ready mopping in the other hand, and I decided to go to print one more page as I was dying to go to the bathroom, but us mothers, can ignore that sensation for incredible amounts of time, so I start printing and I carry my ready mop into the bathroom and as I'm sitting on my potty, I notice those spots on the toilet on the middle side of the toilet that get dirty and I grab a cleaning wipe and start to clean it but I can't reach so I put a cleaning wipe on each side of the toilet in that spot, and I finish my business then I stand up. But get this, I don't pull up my pants and I have the ready mop in one hand, and mopping of course, and I am cleaning the sides of the toilet with my face above the unflushed toilet, and pants around my ankle cleaning each side of the toilet.

Has anyone else seen that poem? I'm sure in all my madness it was hard to pull out what poem is that, but if you have seen it you will know.

I have got to put more stuff like this in the movies.... or is that too real?

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland