Thursday, November 12, 2009

The conundrum - My spiritual Journey Part 6

So in my last few spiritual journey posts I brought you to when I was introduced to Creative Visualization and the Celestine Prophecy (ie. coincidences and Serendipity) Ok,

So I got the apartment and I started doing creative visualization and I visualized and prayed for a new love. And then a man showed up at my door 2 days later and he wasn't what I thought I wanted so I told him we can't be together we can only have sex. This is how I got involved with a Mexican man. The one before my husband. So this is all fine and dandy till it turned into an unrequited love. I've mentioned this before on my blog in case you don't already know - unrequited love is when you love someone and they don't love you back. Like in the movie "The Holiday" when Kate Winslets character loves Jasper who keeps coming into her life but doesn't really love her. That was me.

During this stage of my life I got into the coincidences theory. And totally honestly coincidences are extremely exiting. They bring a whole new element to your life. Suddenly you feel like you are living in magic and joy and when you follow coincidences it makes you feel purposeful. And the theory is that if you have coincidences in your life it is like messages from god that you are on the right track.

But here is the conundrum, and issue, a problem in the philosophy, it is the chicken egg thing. ... . . . . . . Later on after this part (part 6) I got into "The Secret", there is almost 10 years between the coincidences phase and the law of attraction phase and this is a HUGE ISSUE in my philosophy:

Are coincidences real or are they by-products of the law of attraction? Anyone have an opinion?

Here is why: I spent nearly 2 years pining for, sleeping with, and drinking my sorrows away because all of the signs and coincidences were pointing me towards my unrequited love, but now in retrospect it may have all been forced (and law of attraction) because I was thinking, and obsessing, and living next door to him.

Here is the core question? Are coincidences stand alone divine gifts or purely a law of attraction by product?

Wanting to know your thoughtful feedback.
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland