Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where did Halloween come from.

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I was getting caught up on the reading for one of my art classes. Yeah reading, seems weird to me that you have to read for art but you do. In the text book Drawing From Observation by Bryan Curtis, Chapter 12, it explains biomorphic forms and spherical cross-sections from drawing pumpkins and carved pumkins. I KNOW you are reading this going blah blah blah blah, then in figure 12.17 in the book, it has a description of where our modern Halloween came from. I have never read this particular description before. Since living in Mexico I now know all about the day of the dead. And in the US I have thought for awhile that Halloween is just an excuse to get free candy.

This description, if true, seems much more plausible but it also seems like a modern day excuse to JUST GET SOME CANDY.

It says that the modern day halloween represents the ancient Celtic Festival of the new year (Samhain). The celts believed that the new year started on Halloween, October 31, and the fabric of time becomes pourus on that day. During that day the spirits can actually come through from the other dimension and wreak havoc on the world of the living. So to protect themselves they put out candy and treats to keep the spirits happpy. This is why the modern day version has children dress up like monsters and they go door to door for candy.

How awesome is that to find out there really is some method to our madness...!

Most people know about the Mexico version which is similar to the celtic version "The day of the dead" which is November 1st is about going to the cemetary and having a party with your departed relatives and praying for them. Some people actually have bands and entire dinners right there at the cemetary. While I was there in El Rancho... Michoacan it was a combination of the Day of the dead and Halloween and my nephews actually went out for candy for 3 days.

Anyone have any other takes on where Halloween came from?