Friday, October 2, 2009

My books for my first classes Yeeeehawww

Oh my god, I am stressing right now because I have to figure out who will take my little one to Head start. And I will have to have another mom do it... until he gets transferred closer... jeez

Anyway, I am about to go downtown to powells to get my books and get my art kit. For all you arty people out there... see how thrilled i am at my first classes here are my books:

Class: Visual Thinking
Book: Drawing from Observation

Class: Principles of Digital Film and Video
Book: Understanding Movies

Class: Principle Visual Communication
Book: Launching the Imagination

Class: Acting Fundamentals
Book: Acting for the Camera


I am so freakin thrilled

Still feel bad about mi amor. I am just such a bitch sometimes and I need to be more understanding instead of expecting that the whole world evolves around me.

I'm outtie.