Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lets talk about Art - Screeeech I'm anti-ironing... I can't hear you!

This photo is a work from Wim Devoye, and photos are found here: http://www.wimdelvoye.be/ironingboards.php#

Ok so we are sitting in art class yesterday, and talking about different art works and how we felt about it. And I am sure I will offend many people to say when we were talking about movies I do not like I had a huge list of many peoples very favorite movies, ie. Lord of the Rings, Never ending Story, Princess Bride, The Man, Star Wars, and Kill Bill. There is one more I don't know the name which was playing on cable in Mexico on an english speaking channel about a father or step father and his incestuous relationship with his 13 year old daughter or step daughter. blechk!

Just a personal preference. Then we were looking at different art works on the projector for reaction. The teacher, Meredith, was showing different works she likes or that are thought provoking. She got to Wim Devoye, and we saw the tattooed pigs, and the human digestive machine, and various others until she showed us the ironing board project. Hmmm, I could not keep my mouth shut. ...... I am drum roll please.... .... tada boom, ANTI-Ironing. I never realized how fiercely I am ANTI-ironing. I am ANTI-ironing for the obvious reasons of course, its too much work. However, I am also ANTI-ironing for more stubborn and irrational reasons. First off, I will iron an occasional fancy dress, or a cotton shirt. However, I do not iron anything that after a few minutes it looks as if it was not ironed in the first place. I throw that in the dryer to wear it, or I just don't iron it.

The next reason I am ANTI-ironing is because, in Mexico, and for that matter, many Mexicans, and many random people, judge you by how well your clothes are ironed. And that makes me want to be more wrinkly just for that fact of being judged for an unjust reason. In your face, na na na na na.

Now how irrational is that?

I'm a rebel I know, I will get you with my wrinkly clothes... high yah!~)

The point of this story is ..... sitting in class, I suddenly could not embrace the art, because of my own prejudices. Shame on me.