Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello God - paradox. and some deep shit

So everyday I get these spiritual messages from one Mary Mannin Morissey. Yes she is the minister from Portland that was involved in a scandal way back. But I love her messages. Today's messages is that she has a friend that makes a practice to just say "Hello God" where ever and when ever.

I read that and I really feel that. Like obviously there is a plan for E. I have to tell you that I have met some random really interesting people in the last few days. One I am considering getting his life story because he seems to have some great stuff. Anyway, yesterday before I got my first encrypted email from e which was only "hey love" There he was in the middle of a catastrophe and he texts me "hey love". He has that gift I guess, gift of patience. I always blurt everything immediately. I texted "Get online" thinking he was in his hotel room. He responds, "no me siento con ganas" (don't feel like it). Then he texted me, "Malas Noticias"(bad news), and that's all like 20 minutes between texts. Do you see why I was TOTALLY FREAKING OUT, AND LOSING IT?

On the train I met this interesting person before all the texting started, before I lost my composure. Before my mind flew out sideways of my head and splattered on everything...... I walked up to the train after school. I was thinking about going to Canada to see e. I had a waded up paper napkin in my pocket with a crushed croissant in it. I was starving so instead of throwing away my breakfast from a few hours earlier I decided to eat it. A guy walks up and sort of patrolled around the bench and garbage and ticket machine. He too was holding some food in some tin foil. He seemed normalish and glanced at me a few times. We stood there and ate our food from home. It crossed my mind he wanted to talk to me. My new outlook as a film student is to start really talking to strangers. (suggested by my teacher) So I thought maybe I should say something. Anyway, right before the train comes he says something like. "Isn't today a weird day? There is something weird in the atmosphere."

I did a hmmm? or ohh or something. I then said, "What do you mean?"

He said something like "things seem off kilter". That sounds weird to type. I say that occasionally but to type it it looks weird huh. Anyway he mentioned how everyone seems upset or angry.

So we boarded the train and I said "Sometimes I wonder if it is me projecting or me feeling peoples feelings, like the law of attraction." Then we talked about a whole string of Paradoxes.

Let me see if I can remember...... It started with consciousness. And I said "what is consciousness, How do you really define that?"

Then I said "I am confused about consciousness when they say the whole concept that time doesn't even go in order, and that it is supposed to be happening simultaneously how does consciousness really work?" and He talked about the whole yin and yang, and Buddha's concept to separate from the ego. and I said that I read about that concept of separating from the ego in "The course in Miracles" and he nodded. Then we also talked about whether you project your expectations or if you sense future things psychically.

And then it was his stop, he rode for about 3 stops and we talked about all that. That is when the day became surreal. About 1 hour after that is when I got the first text.

I just want to say, "Hello god!" I know you are fucking with me right now. Lol, smile! I don't know your plan. but Thank you, because I know with how dramatic you are being it is going to be good.

Love Puerto Vallarta Girl.