Monday, October 12, 2009

As my heartstrings pull I imagine him here.

I'm so proud of my husband because now every night he sings to the kids different songs in Spanish. I miss him so much. We talk on the webcam about 2 times a day - once early in the day and usually at bedtime I give the kids they're bath and get them dressed and put them to bed. He goes along with, I carry the laptop from room to room, and he stays during story time and then sings them a song before they go to sleep. I know it sounds silly but it is a big help. Sometimes I put the laptop on the top bunk and he sings to Junie while I am on the bottom singing to Jimi.

When we are together we are truly a great team. Especially when we were in the US together, he would work and I would take care of everything else, but still in the evenings he would help me with the kids.

Right now all I can do is imagine him here with me, sneaking up on me in the laundry room, cuddling with him at night. I imagine chatting in person. I imagine taking a shower together, like before and he would tell me about his day and all the funny stories that happened to him. There was always at least one funny story everyday. Every so often we dance in the living room or kitchen and be silly for little 5 minute intervals. He can be very funny. He is my heart, my love, my husband. Dear god bring him back. A family is meant to be together.