Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vaccines and the Elderly?

Wow, I guess the Law of Attraction is working as usual because my very first decision to make as guardian for my Mother is to sign a consent form for the Inactiveated influenza Vaccine.

In the bottom of the pamphlet- page one, it says "Some inactivated influenza vaccine contains a preservative called thimerosal." (finally have the correct spelling yeah!) "Some people have suggested that thimerosal may be related to develpmental problems in children. In 2004 the Institue of Medicine reviewed many studies looking into this theory and concluded that there is no evidence of such a relationship. Thimerosal-free influenza vaccine is available. "

Then I did a search about mental illness and vaccines, and vaccines and the elderly. It came up with all sorts of terrible stuff. I was really into reading one article but when it got fanatical on me about the government trying to do genocide and reduce the propulation and actually said the work Satanic in it, I closed that window.

So finally I decided to go ahead and sign the consent but I wrote a note requesting the thimerosol free. It just might be safer for her. Since she has diabetes and as I understand it, she needs to get a flu shot.