Friday, September 18, 2009

Today was a scare

Tonight as I sit here in my cozy spot. The refridgerator buzzes and my daughter just finished playing wedding dash on the laptop, though I feel as if I really should have punished her for pouring out the entire bottles of shampoo and conditioner into the bath. I mean she IS 6 years old. But I let it go. I'm spent and a little sad, and some emotion I just cannot put my finger on.

Jimi is supposed to start Head start on Monday. And well, somehow with the move to Mexico and then back again he has missed some shots. I honestly thought he was up-to-date. But Headstart said he wasn't and so I finally broke down and called the clinic. I called for 2 reasons I called to ask them to set an appointment to check my blood pressure and also to check into whether or not he is up to date on his shots.

There we were in the doctors office for my appointment at 2pm. There were 2 children there that didn't want to share the toy that was there so I was distracting Jimi by pointing at the Max trains that go by. I must say, Jimi is THE sweetest child. He is my sweetest child of 3. He is a little more passive and a little more sensitive but VERY VERY sweet.

So they let me know that they plan to give him some of the shots he was missing at the same time they check my blood pressure.

Ok. that sounds good.

So we go into the room. And she says she wants to do his shots first. And I explain that last time he had his shots he was traumatized. He is this sweet calm baby and the last nurse back in May was like, tie him down they are strong wild animals. I mean she didnt' say it exactly like that but that is what it meant. So the last time he had shots the hurse held him down forcefully and stabbed his legs forcefully. Needless to say he was traumatized by that because up until then he had been looking forward to his doctors appt.

Today once I told him he had to get shots he cried and said, "No shots mommy, I don't want any shots."

Well, at shot time.. he started to cry and was screaming he didn't want it. I felt really sad, but figured it would be over in a minute. And it was. And the nurse gave him 2 stickers, a spiderman sticker and a cars sticker. The shots were in his leg and so I put his pants back on and he seemed happy. He stood on that drawer step that is at the bottom of the doctor office examination bed, and looked at his stickers. He was fine... for a bit.

The nurse proceeded to take my blood pressure, more than once and she let me know it was elevated. I started saying "of course its elevated that was sort of stressful, to see my baby crying". And then she was about to say something when Jimi just slumped over and fell flat on his face on the ground.

And he didn't cry and he didn't move, I picked him up and his eyes rolled back in his head in a weird way and he had a small seizure. and the )(*)#)(*A#$849384099834 nurses and medical assistants didn't do anything. I was in a freaking)*)(*#W&^*&A$A#($*&*A#$(**& doctors office!!!!!!!!!

As I pound those exclamation points. I realize they have no magic wand. But still, I just expected something else. there is always that joke if you get hurt - to get hurt IN a doctors office, but I tell you it is not so general, if you want to get hurt you must do it in an emergency room, I guess!

So I'm holding him and he wasn't coherent. And then he started puking!! and by then a Nurse came in and then the Medical Assistant and the Nurse just stared at him observing him, they didn't like check his pulse or do something, I don't know what they should have done but, what ever, there should have been something you would think!!!! move him examine him... I don't know? They just stood there going... "hmmm, well,""" hmmm"

So the Medical Assistant was like do you want him to go to the hospital I said yes, ... though I was a little confused they weren't doing anything. Being that it was a doctors office. A large doctors office.

Shortly after the fire men came and the nurses tell them about what happened. By then Jimi was opening his eyes, but a little but lethargic. Then the Paramedics come and he was doing better and acting normal, well as normal as expected under the circumstances for a calm and quiet 3 year old.

So we went in the ambulance to Emmanuel Hospital and he seemed to do better. And then in the hospital he was doing better and better by the minute. He watched cartoons in his private room and the doctor said they would do the Popcycle test and he laughed... and he ate a purple popcycle which oddly enough made him look more sick. Though he was doing much better.

The doctor discussed the possible causes, it is either the trauma from the stress of the shots and the pain caused him to faint and then puke. Or the fall and gash on his eye was a concussion but that he seemed to be doing well and to just wake him every 4 hours.

I was doing fine and feeling fine but the closer I got to home the more spent and sad I felt.

Now we are home and Idon't know, that really scared the freakin you know what outta me.

My sweet precious baby.

Pray for him please that everything will be fine.

Thank you,
God bless, Hold your babies tight, and give them luvies.

PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland