Sunday, September 27, 2009

Surviving Vaccinations MMR and Varicella - follow up to incident

Here is Jimi at a follow-up doctors appointment (yes I purposefully did his hair like that) on Friday to the incident that happened a little over a week ago. Story Available at:

The only way I talked him into going to the doctor again amidst many "No Mommy (crying) No doctor, I doan wanna go to the doctor" was to let him know that we were going to the doctor to talk about him never having to have another shot again.

Obviously I have been FREAKED out by what happened. He recovered much faster than I did. I am just now approaching ok. He's been perfectly fine for nearly a week. Other than an increase (or initiation) in temper tantrums that I suspect is a normal stage in development since he is just starting school, and being separated from me (and Daddy) for hours at time.

So I had been tossing around in my mind that I wanted to call his doctor and talk to her about the shots. But before I got around to it, I got a call from his doctors office saying they wanted me to bring him in for a follow-up.

I like his doctor a lot, she is probably younger than me, very professional, kind, and assuring. She came in and asked me to describe what happened in my own words. I was a little scattered but I got through it. I concluded with "That is why, I want to opt him out of future vaccinations!"

She said that being a mother herself she can easily understand my upset and attitude but that we should talk about 3 issues.
  1. This could have been a " Vasovagal " seizure that happens when children hold their breath and is very common and not serious.
  2. This doesn't appear to be a side effect of the shot because the symptoms he experienced came on very quickly when normally these types of effects would take several hours to appear also it is supposed to happen in 1 in 300,000 people.
  3. It could be he was experiencing an allergic reaction.
She assured me that the vomiting is what makes it seem like it is possible that he had an allergic reaction and that since it is a possibility, rather than risk it, she will now mark his medical chart allergies as being allergic to the MMR and Varicella (chicken pox) vaccines.
She also said that these 2 vaccinations are "Live" vaccinations and that the other vaccinations that are required, or the boosters are not "Live" vaccinations. She recommends that I continue to give the boosters that are required and that there is no reason to think he will have the same reaction.
I asked about the Mercury, or it is called something like Therimisol (sp?) I really should get off my ass and look up the correct spelling for that, but I'm just going to keep typing (sp?) as if it forgives me for misspelling. She said that it was not present in these shots. I should have asked for the handout...why don't they give out the handouts anymore? However, she did say the flu shots are the shots that have Therimisol in it (sp?) interesting isn't it, when the government is pushing it so hard right now for everyone to get flu shots.
Last and way off subject but on this whole spelling bit, how come no one told me I spelled 'traveling' wrong on my blog title? My blog spell checker was not working on my other 2 computers and I finally figured it out myself. I wonder how many readers I lost because of bad spelling?
Everything seems fine with Jimi now and I am going to have to accept what his doctor said. As far as the future shots, I will deal with that when it comes up but I WILL DO RESEARCH BEFORE he gets them. And I WILL ASK FOR THE PAMPHLET AND READ IT BEFORE he gets it.
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