Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday we hit the town

On Saturday night sister in law and I decided we would go out.

For months we have been planning to go out one night, get away from all the kids, play the machines, and have a drink. I just needed a babysitter on the same night when Patti was available. This last Saturday night was the night.

There was only one catch, once we were free and available and out of the house, kids safely at home and bathed and fed and in bed. My eldest in place to babysit, and her hubby with her kids... we get in the car and start to drive. ...... but where do we go? We really had NO idea.

That was a very awkward moment when we finally had the chance to go out but had no idea where to go. Luckily we decided to let the universe take us where ever it led us and we had a lot of fun.

First we went to a casual bar called "108 Bar N Grill" here in Portland at NE 108th and Halsey. Patti and I had been there one time a few years before. There was rock playing in the backround and a hip feeling about it. The bartenders and waitresses were probably barely 21 and I was taking notes on how to act like I'm in my early twenties (my master plan for school to blend in). Note to self: always twist a piece of hair in my fingers when I'm talking. So we got something to drink and wen't over to the machines. We both put in $5 dollars I was playing nickles and I got down to $2 dollars and then won a bunch. I cashed out with $36 dollars, I was so thrilled. I had just made the money to pay for the evening!

Then we were off to the next adventure. I really had NO idea where we should go, so Patti said she had heard about a mexican place on Columbia Blvd. We couldn't find what she was talking about but ended up going to a large country bar called "The Ponderosa" with live music and no cover. The band was great, they sang rock style country music, but my plan to let Patti observe the traditional country style dance, where pairs dance waltz around in a huge circle, didn't pan out. The customers were about 10-20 years older than we were and though it was nice we decided to move on.

We headed back towards where we started at a sports/dance bar at about 115th and NE Halsey. When we walked in we saw a blow up pool off to the side and tried to figure out what it was. Turns out it was set up for Jello Wrestling. That was fun to watch though we stayed back to avoid flying Jello. We did dance together for one dance to that popular song that goes "un dos tres cuatro, I know you want me, you know I want you".

Next we headed over to "Fandango" at 122nd and SE Stark. That place had live Mexican Music downstairs and we heard that it had good music upstairs too. They searched us then we walked in and I guess right past the desk where you pay a cover charge... whoops...? We were standing there looking at like 200 dancing couples and hundreds more people sitting down. And then a lady a approached to see our hand stamp. Since it was 1:45am by then we didn't want to pay a $5 cover to get in so we ended the night at the taco stand out front.

It was a fun night. I really enjoyed. it.