Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love my future new career - Movies

Now I get to watch movies and read entertainment magazines and I can call it research for my new career. I joined blockbuster online again. This is helpful since I am way behind on the movie scene, having been in Mexico for just over 2 years. So far I've seen:

5 star scale

Grand Canyon with Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, and Steve Martin. 1991

* * * I give it 3 stars

Its an average story about regular people in LA and how their lives interconnect. It had a little infidelity, a little spiritual theme, but the main theme really did not jump out at me. Some of the people in the story are in the movie business. Steve Martin's part was a very rich producer that self proclaimed he actually did all the real director work on his movies. He was then asked "Then why do you hire the Directors?", and he answers because he doesn't want to stand around for hours doing lighting. I found that part interesting. Each actor did a good job in their own acting but I felt like the way the movie was put together could have been better. And the music was missing, I cannot even recall if there was music. It just didn't have that magic, that all of those actors are known for and it felt empty.

25th Hour, Edward Norton, 2002

* * * I give it 3 stars

I barely made it through this movie. I think it could have been because I figured out I actually had seen it before. It gets intense but you always feel like you are waiting for something more. It left me wanting.

Intimate Stories, Foreign Film from South America in Spanish subtitled in English.
* * * * I give it 4 stars
This film was much more interesting than the other 2 I just watched. It was based on Normal life in (wherever that was) sort of looked like Michoacan Mexico to me. Subtitled in English I could understand most of what they were saying but still read the subtitles. I think that gives a deeper meaning to me when I hear one language and read another. Also I catch a lot of bad subtitles that way. Like at one part a lady was saying bow, and they wrote bun. "I can put a bun on the top of the box for you." Hmmm? Anyway, Since I have just come from living in Mexico the culture all felt very familiar to me. The Grandpa sort of ran away to look for his long lost dog and was eluding his son who treats him bad. The young mother was going on a gameshow. And a traveling salesman who has some great philosophies that seemed to prove themselves in all 3 of their stories. There was nothing tragic in the movie. But at the end I had chills and I can't even explain why. Maybe it was because I felt like I really knew them. Like I understood who they were. I've heard that character development is key to good writing. And it really is true isn't it?
I often explain my feelings and experiences in movie terms. For example how I feel about my husband, Jerry Maguire "My whole life is this family and it doesn't work without him".
The 2 main things that give me shots of inspiration where I actually feel intoxicated from it are Movies and Music.
More movies on the way.
Puertovallarta girl in Portland