Thursday, September 17, 2009

I almost can't believe I'm finally doing it!

Here I am in the 7th row at the Hollywood Theater. Which is holding the event for the Summer Term Graduates of the Art Institue of Portland Digital Film and Video Film Exhibition.

In 4 years this will be my exhibition. I'm surrounded by aspiring movie students, their families and people who are in the biz.

Just being here is inspiring for me.

Even though I am surrounded by strangers everyone is happy and laughing and obnoxious and having fun. I feel very comfortable in that sort of atmosphere. I like it when everyone is complete dorks, like me.

I saw the films and I really enjoyed them. Some of the exhibitions were very short, like 1 minute and others were longer and were Music Videos or short films. I would like to do a Music Video and do a film short. Well to tell you the truth I am hoping by then I will have done several film shorts.

I just cannot believe that I am finally pursuing my dream. I only need my husband here with me to support me emotionally and with the children. But I have faith it will all work out soon.

Wish me luck for following my dream,