Sunday, August 9, 2009

tab at the taco stand and False Advertisement

I've been thinking about these little tid bits in my experience and I've been meaning to write about them. 2 more things that I think are interesting.

(photo at a PV taco stand april 2008)

- When you go to a taco stand. If its your order is for here, you sit down and eat and then order more if you want and when you are all done. The taco preparer people ask YOU how much you had. And then you pay.

- On television I really think this is worse in Mexico. There are no rules on what a company can claim it's products do. I see infomercials and regular commercials where the advertiser claims ridiculous effects.
  • spray on varicose vein fix

  • rub on gel that looks like hair gel said to make you lose 20 lbs and several inches in 20 mintues.