Sunday, August 2, 2009

other tid bits about Mexico


- There are advertisements of young american-looking women in a billboard style on the fronts of strip clubs. I always think, "I wonder if the girls inside really look like that?" Sometimes when I see the pictures of girls in bikini's looking sorta drunk I think "I wonder if those girls even know if their picture is up on a billboard?" I speculate it is because they were partying and someone took their picture and then used it at a graphic arts agency?

I think I got my answer recently. I say that because I was stopped at a stoplight, with my husband driving, and I was staring at one such billboard. Then I realized she looks familiar. That's Jessica Alba. lol. Can you believe it?

-I've always been sorta dissappointed that Mexico does not have enough drive throughs. Many McDonalds and Burger Kings do not have drive throughs. However, there are in most cities drive through mini markets. They are large round and you drive through the center. On each side are the refridgerators or chips etc.

Today we went through one. We pulled in and there was a cash register at the far end. We drove past and saw what drinks they had. A girl comes up and asked us what we wanted. Then she carried it to the cash register. We paid and they handed it to us then we drove out. PRETTY AWESOME if you aks me! I think they should totally have these in the US.

-I said people sell stuff in the streets but did I say what they sell? Well, they sell everything! But what I really wanted to point out is that often in random places you see prepared foods in plastic bags. Often it is produce, like cut up cucumbers or local vegetables, or fruit. I always think, "That cannot be sanitary". People walking around with bags of cut up food for how long in the very hot sun. Mexicans have stomachs of steel I think. Because it is everywhere you go. And I have never heard anyone EVER wondering if something like that is still fresh.

Another thing that CANNOT be good, I mean this cannot be ok, but people do it everywhere in Mexico. Dead chickens, plucked, partially prepared for cooking, in a glass case, waiting to be sold. For how long...? I am not sure but I am sure a few hours.