Sunday, August 16, 2009

My days are numbered in Puerto Vallarta

The tile burned my bare feet. Why does it burn? What is making it so hot? I was standing in the kitchen looking out the balcony and patio which was about 20 feet away. I noticed that today the sunset and clouds formed even lines in the sunset. Not like yesterday when the clouds were blue and formed an illusion of buildings in the skyline above the ocean horizon with a pink and orange sky behind. The A/C doesn’t reach out this far. I start to feel stifled. My head feels like it is humming. Today I have to rest. Once to the pool is all I will do for today, don't put the ears in. I walk back into the bedroom and laydown and pick up the remote.

In mexico I feel more sick. I hate to say it, I hate to write it, I hate to release THAT to the universe. That is one reason I do not talk too much about my health on my blog. But the truth is I have a few medical conditions that seem to be aggravated in Mexico. Numero Uno - High blood pressure, Numero dos - kidney stones. And about 5 more miscellaneous items that if I went into you would probably kick your computer and yell at me for sounding like a hypocondriac. That is part of the negative crap I DON’T want to talk about. But since I have gotten out of my spiritual practice for about 2 weeks or so… It doesn’t seem so far off to just speak frankly about it now.

One week ago I was in Central Mexico in “el Rancho”, for any new readers that means a house that is a very traditional Mexican style, with farm anmals and a pila (concrete water tank type thing - used for washing dishes etc) and usually a detached bathroom. I was there because we sold our house in Puerto Vallarta while I was in Portland, and I came back to visit my husband in a town by Morelia Michoacan Mexico. Then we looked airfare prices from Morelia to Portland and found out it is about ½ price to fly from Puerto Vallarta. So here we are. We will leave on August 25th.

My son, who is 17 wanted to come down to Mexico for a few weeks this summer and I DID not think he would enjoy “El Rancho” so I found an awesome deal. $555 for 14 nights in a condo that sleeps six in Puerto Vallarta on the beach. We actually have 7 here.... Because we talked Maria (mi suegra) into coming along.

And here we are. But I am in the room watching reality tv in the bedroom with the a/c running. We’ve been here 1 week tomorrow.

I just went up stairs and took some pictures of the sunset. (my favorite I added to the page) It has changed a little bit since I first started writing this.

I’m scared. I’m scared and excited. I am scared about going back to Portland without my husband. I am excited about starting school and following my dreams. I must keep my faith.
Enrique and I have been getting along a lot better than normal and also worse than normal. I have been irritable because of my health and he is irritable when he is not working. He said to me yesterday that I hate it in his town.

I don’t think I hate it. I don’t know........., you have to do what you have to do, right? I care for his mother and she is still in mourning and born and raised in that small town, where they judge you .

But meanwhile I am here, ear full of water, head a buzzing. Babies are sleeping. Hubby and Suegra walking. Son and friend running. And I am ok. I need to do my spiritual practice. It keeps me centered.
Peace out