Thursday, August 27, 2009

At the moment apart - and scattered

Here are some photos from the Mexico Trip.

Cartoons are running on the TV and not annoying me like they do sometimes. The babies are just about out. I am sitting on my "The computer is Personal again" new laptop in a Red Lion Hotel. The Air Conditioner is on at a steady 69. My fingers click as I type this. We just got off of the webcam, my love and I. I was wondering if we were happier being apart. It is sort of hard to explain. All this moving around and shuffling and really homelessness. We were stressed out the entire time we were together.

Homelessness means to me that we 'have not' the steady home where you finally get home after a trip or a hard day and throw off your clothes and go lay down on your favorite chair or your own little cubby hole.

When we left Puerto Vallarta in April that was our home. I went back to Mexico on June 30 and we spent the entire 2 months moving around constantly. Puerto Vallarta one week, Morelia 2 weeks, Cidudad Juarez 1 week, Morelia 3 weeks, Puerto Vallarta 2 weeks which is where my eldest son and his friend came to stay with us.

Here back in Portland outside my window is a pool. Here by the Airport the landscape has changed alot in the past 10 years. I even saw a lady swimming today. It was hot. Very Hot for Portland. I guess it is gods acclimation for us to not come back to a cold climate.

My computer is wide, it is a huge difference from the mini I just bought and gave to E. He is so computer savy now. Doing webcam with me, checking myspace, email.

My head aches and my nerves are frazzled. I always get sick for a few days after I fly. And with all the stress of running around my head. Must find apartment, must find car. run rush, eat, feed children, go go go go. No June, please stop. Jimi Come here, Jimi, come here.

When we find a place and get a schedule everything will calm down and be more manageabile. Oh and enrique's Canada Visa was approved...... soon we will travel on the weekends from Portland To Vancouver Canada.... so we will see him weekly. .....

Meanwhile. I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO Excited about going back to school.

Hope you enjoy the photos from the MexicoTrip. Sorry the story is so disjointed. But that is how I feel right now.