Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artifical butt cheek inserts, virtual glasses, cool stuff

When I was flying back from Mexico I read the US Airways Sky Mall Magazine. It has some of the coolest stuff! I don't know if it is because I've been in Mexico for a few years but I was really amazed that you can really buy all this stuff. I wonder if the photos were digitally enhanced...? Hmm am I a sucker?

I didn't believe the stuff in Mexico, but I guess since the magazine was American I believed it more....?

Anyway, the very last page had the awesomest virtual glasses. You put them on to watch movies or play games, its a wide screen tv in your glasses. I wanted to post a link to it but you have to log in with your dividend miles. I'm sure if you search for viritual glasses you can find it. They are staight out of star trek.

I was thinking, all I need is a tummy tuck, some artificial butt cheeks, and the lip plumper and I'd be all set. - Update I found this on Amazon -