Thursday, July 23, 2009

Positive spin....weeds out the truth? updated

First off this is coming up because of a very innocent comment on a previous post

Wow, It made me realize that I've been so busy trying to inspire and be positive that I am actually giving an untrue impression. Look... there are great things about Mexico ... for a visit, and if you have tons of money to spend. But sometimes I leave out negative opinions because...well it is not a postive role model.

It strikes me as very strange that I gave the impression that I love Mexico.

The thing is: I'm not in Mexico because I want to be. I am in Mexico because I HAVE to be. Therefore, as a survival instinct I find the things that keep me positive and I focus on those. Who wants to hear about bad luck and depressing crappy stuff all the time?

Somehow now I am wondering..........


I suppose the bad stuff has a purpose for people considering moving to Mexico. And if some people are using my blog as a lesson to base their decision of whether to move or not the negatives have a use.

Ok, I'm going to list some negatives, and I pray I get no karmic whiplash. Already today just contemplating writing this, my ipod stopped working, I lost internet for awhile, and the bank forced us out of 900 pesos. Assholes.

Ok, Again a forewarning, here are some negative things. But I don't like to dwell on this stuff. For truth in my own private journalism I'm going to write it...

-Misleading business practices, and flat out lies. And no recourse to solve it but to pay what they demand.

-Police and Military standing around and driving by with semi automatic rifles everywhere you go. (also security guards everywhere you go with rifles)

-Racial Profiling = Travellers, Americans, Canadians, and Non Spanish speaking people pay more for everything


-Corruption - in all levels of Government, especially the police. It's called a Mordida. When you get pulled over you pay a bribe to the police officer. Normal Business as usual.

-Medical - If you have a cold in Mexico it's great you can go to the doctor for $3 dollars, but if you have a serious illness, you are purely SOL unless you have the cash in your hands. When I had my kidneystone surgery (in Puerto Vallarta), we had to put 1000 dollars down to begin the operation, and the hospital held me ransom until we paid the bill. In many cases they will not do anything without pre-payment. Not to mention the doctor never told me how to do follow up care or even that he placed a stint inside my body.

-The language, this seems like an obvious one, but if you are not fully fluent, YOU ARE ISOLATED.

-Dust -Everywhere you go in this entire country, exept perhaps on a resort where you never leave. There is an unbelievable amount of dust. It is because construction is done with sand and gravel. It is extremely rare to find a house built out of wood and sheetrock.

-Small town gossip and ignorance, to be american in a Mexican Small Town is to be a sort of Green Alien. I am judged on the craziest things and very normal things to the town people to me are horific. Such as the horses drinking out of the same water the dishes are washed with. Being judged for letting my daughter wear her hair down. Farm Animals all throughout the house. Hand washing clothes? Being judged for wanting to buy toys for the kids

-Wages -people in different regions make different amounts but usually it is about $20 dollars per day more or less, and the cost of food is almost the same. Produce is cheaper. Meat is cheaper. But Shampoo and toilet paper are the same, sometimes more.

-Welfare of the people -people begging for money in the intersections. -people trying to sell stuff everywhere you go. Almost NO social services. Now days there is more than before but it is nearly nothing. Whole families living in makeshift shelters.

-Culture a Belief in suffering, life is hard and so it is.

I could go on but to sum it up:

There are many beautiful things about Mexico and in my personal opinion I believe every single American should spend atleast 2 months in Mexico or another underdeveloped country. The reason is not because it is so wonderful. The reason is because they will learn that the whole world doesn't evolve around the USA in the way we are brought up to think.

Also because once you get back to the USA you will see with new eyes our beloved country and the privledges that we have. This knowledge also carries a burden and that is that you can see how spoiled and distracted many Americans are, and that they are taking all of it for granted.

God bless you, and God Bless America