Sunday, July 19, 2009

He's not taking it well

My love is not taking it well. He is watching his plans and world fall down around him. I am saying don't lose faith. But he is lost.

This photo is about 2 hours after he got back from the appointment.

Yesterday we went to the Basilica, which is the big famous church in Mexico City where the Pope goes when he is in Mexico. Here is a picture of us by one of the famous Virgen of Guadalupe paintings. He seemed to do better yesterday, I guess because we were busy.

You see we had a plan A, B, C, and D. You don't want to know what D is. Or should I say I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Plan A was we get a miracle and they hand over the visa and we cross immediately.

Plan B was they offer us the option for a waiver and we go to the US once the waiver is approved. Because I am certain I can prove hardship.

Plan C was they give him a 10 year 9c ban and we go to Vancouver, BC, Canada and Enrique stays there and works while I travel back and forth from Portland to visit him. While we wait for the work that is doing to save us.

Plan D... well we already talked about that

In my eyes whether we have a 10 year or a lifetime ban it's still plan C.

Last Wednesday I was a nervous wreck. I was scared and heartbroken because E was so adorable when he came back from his medical exam. He seemed so sure that he was going to get his visa right away. It tore me apart, because I knew the chances were slim.

And now.... well, the words the immigration officer said are ringing in his head and I am making it worse.

Because... I'm going back to Portland, regardless.

You see I'VE ALREADY LIVED IN MEXICO 2 YEARS. I lived in Puerto Vallarta which is a pretty awesome and American city (sort of) . I went back to Portland exactly 2 years to the day that we moved to Mexico - April 8, 2009. While I was in Portland I decided to go forward with my life goal. Some of you may know that I want to be a professional writer, well....... drumroll please.......... I applied for financial aid and got admitted to The Art Institute of Portland I've already got all my financing set up. I've been accepted. , My start date is October 5, 2009. Also June is enrolled in school for first grade, and Jimi is signed up for Headstart.

No right now I am not devastated, I am hopeful. I have faith that the laws are going to be fixed. I believe. I've been working on my course in Miracles for months. Our situation right now is NOTHING as terrible as being in mexico with no money, no food, and no way to get health care. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. We can only go up from there.

I believe. Thank you god.