Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me and my little tiny baby boy... who is 17, my oldest

Just wanted to post a quick note. I am so very proud of my son. He is going to be a Senior this next year and then go to college. He is active in school, choir, various stuff and the community.

But what I am really super proud is..... my 17 year old son actually invited me to perform with him in front of his peers in choir.

I'd love to do it but I'm sort of scared. The main thing is that I am just so happy that he even asked me. That is such a huge compliment for a teenager to ask their parent to represent like that.

wow. Thank you god. Thank you Teal.

I love you.

Maybe I can pull it off?

I told him no... but I wish I could. It's just that I've barely played guitar for 10 years, and I used to always get really bad stage fright in front of adults. I was fine in front of children but not my peers.

ok. babble babble. I have a lot to say. and I will soon trust me.

PV Art School Girl

Life is Awesome

Ok. #1, congress is seriously talking about immigration reform. And I believe.. I believe...

I believe.

They are going to pass family unity legislation that can keep families together.

Also if you are interested in immigration check out this. American Families United

This is what me and thousands and thousands of families need to keep their families together.

But back to my life. I'm starting the Portland Art Institute on October 5, 2009.

Turns out all that being broke in Mexico is fabulous for getting financial aid and going to school.
Something I wouldn't have qualified for if I stayed in the US and not moved to Mexico, because well, I would have never gotten so broke. .

Also I moved out of my sister in laws house last Friday.

I'm going back to Mexico for awhile, but just until school starts for the kids.

And Enrique has his immigration appointment in just a few weeks.

Things are moving. I believe in miracles.

Thank you god.

last most wonderful thing. I'm getting my laptop fixed And also buying one of those tiny laptops...

whoo hoo.

And. I've been shopping and J.C. Penney.


Now I will definitely be blogging more. Yea!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live in the Moment!

Well, the realtor is saying the house is going to close in the next few days....

What have I been doing?

  • going to the library everyday
  • trying to get help to find my own apartment
  • not looking for a job
  • applying for financial aid to go to the Portland Art Institute
  • missing my husband
  • really missing my husband
  • trying to stay out of the way of my sister in law and their kids who are all very tired of us in their house (except my sister in law herself is very kind to us) everyone else is pretty fussy with us.
I am in limbo a little, because I need my own place, but I want to go back to Puerto Vallarta for awhile. My husband found a condo, with a pool, on the beach for 500 dollars a month for 1 month. From July 5th to august 5th.
My sister in law wants me to do the photos for her baptism on August 1, so I am torn about going because I don't want to dissapoint her... but at the same time I am dying to have my family together. We have never been seperated since we got married in March 2001 and now it is sorta good because now we are dying to be together.
You see we spent 24/7 together for exactly 2 years in Mexico. Well practically 24/7 we both worked here and there... But not too much. Now we have been apart slightly over 2 months and now can feel the pull of our love very forcefully.
Once the house closes we will have money again. So I know I will fly down tovisit.
I have faith that the universe will align (ie immigration) and we will be back in Portland together. Then I can work on my education and writing career. ......
God just wants happiness for everyone. I truly believe that! I've been back on track with my spiritual practice and it is definitely working.
Thought for today.... "Live in the moment". Let go of guilt, worry, and too much planning. Just live in the moment and be happy and all your hearts desires come true.
loves to everyone.
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland
**Hoping to get a pc and camera still so that I can upload posts with photos.