Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still no photos? let me paint you a picture

Well, Here I am half drunk at the library. Wanting the affection of my husband that is over 3000 miles away. Without him I am lost, but I can be occupied as long as my children don't act up too much.

However, lately, my daughter HAS been acting up.

We nee the support of the American Families united.

I know I fluctuate from riotious spiritualist to crazy fundamentalist but I am 1/2 drunk right now and just want to say, that even though the US is way easier to make your basic needs met, without the love of your life it doesn't mean as much as you would think. Either way you are screwed. I've lost my time to meditate so I've lost my spiritual practice, and in that I've lost my positivity, for the moment.

Cheers to it coming back, self medicating the stress of my small children, and the stress I've caused my husband, While searching for the best bus route to get to my eldest son's concert, "A Choir", if you know what that means.

Encrypcted as always, puerto vallarta girl. thinking about going back, because I need some lovin.