Thursday, May 28, 2009

the heaven of a few hours by myself in a crowd

Here I am at the Library. Baby is out with my Sister in Law, Junie is at school. I have nothing that I HAVE to do right now. I'm thinking about test driving a car right now since the house sold and we will be able to buy a car soon. Picking up my new glasses that are ready as of today. Thank you Oregon Health Plan. I hope they are cute because they made me pick them out when I couldn't see a damn thing. "Ummm those in the middle I can see those"! They looked likethey had black frames.. and were very modern. Today I will find out the truth.

I had a job interview today. $21/hour at a utility company. Can you believe that is how much I made in a day in Mexico as a Customer Service Representative? Well we will see. There are a total of 4 people being interviewed.

I still don't have my own place.

Looking to buy a for sale on contract home.

umm. I'm running out of time on the library I only get 1 hour a day. I have to go. But after I get my pc fixed I'll be back... with pictures.

talk to everyone soon.

Portland Girl