Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thinking pure thoughts. spiritual journey/struggle

So I have been reading (studying)the Course in Miracles. Sure I need some spiritual work. Big suprise to me through this process that I am .... well.... not the person I thought I was.

I am constantly letting those knaa knaa knaa go on in my mind. It is so weird. When I am monitoring my thoughts I think ... good thoughts. But I must have 100,000 thoughts a day. I'm seriously thinking way too much. But I've been like that for my entire life.

I remember the first day that I stopped thinking so much. It was 1997. It was the day after a big party and I was sitting hanging out in my back yard, that was at 127th and burnside in portland Oregon, along the lightrail. We had moved my old couch outside and it was underneath a very large douglas fir tree. It was a sunny day and I sat there sort of scrunched in between a bunch of my new Mexican friend whom didn't speak much English. I was drinking a beer in the early after noon and I just chilled out.

That moment stands out so clear to me I actually cried because it was like an epiphany. I can relax. I don't have to worry I don't have to fight the world.

Nowdays, I do meditate and I do relax much more since that day. But now my struggle since that day way back in 1997 is to think pure and good thoughts. I am working on it. And I want to share with you all what I have learned from the "course in miracles". It is the same topics you hear about it basically every religion but here it is.

- what you think is projected onto your world, if you have pure thoughts (such as what jesus did) you can make miracles happen
-everyday is a constant struggle between the ego and what our natural pure spirit wants. The spirit doesn't fight you but the ego does
-how you think about and treat your brother/neighbor/other people is how you feel treat or think about yourself.
-Give all to all
-to heal you have to see through people barriers and their facade they have and see them as a child of god/their true higher selves. this will heal them as well as yourself.

so this is my struggle (spiritually speaking)
puerto vallarta girl.