Monday, April 27, 2009

In a different world and Proud to be American

So I got a text today from E. I was too busy to answer. I was in an office, sitting at a cubicle taking a computer test. Yeah! I still type 70 wpm, 72 before the 2 error correction. Anyway, I finished all that for the temporary agency and was walking down the street.

Being that I arrived here in Portland with only Puerto Vallarta Clothing to wear and basically no money, I have been relying on different agencies etc. to help me get back on my feet.

It is weird because I've never found myself in the position where I am now. Being basically homeless, and no furniture, no car, as well as no warm clothes.

However, I am thankful to be back.

Back to today... I had on my brand new shoes... High heeled shoes that were almost like the bottom portion of a boot. I got them from this place called helping hands. And I was wearing a cheap polyester suit that I had bought in Puerto Vallarta when I worked at the Belaire rip off resort for 1 week.

Anyway, so I also had on this really sheik jacket that was double breasted that I got from the helping hands. I was walking down the street and I saw a very fashionable and elegant $75 dollar hair cut type lady and she had on almost the exact same pair of shoes as I did. Also the jacket which I thought was way too small for me buttoned up.

So I saw my reflection in the mirrored building and it reminded me of all my years of working in downtown Portland and the whole mindset. So I texted E back and said I am in a whole different world.

Just 3 weeks ago I was in Puerto Vallarta, with the cobble stone streets that always have sand and tons of dust on them. I stayed inside the house for days at a time. Because there was no money and I don't know why......?

In Mexico people throw garbage everywhere, here it is so clean. There we couldn't get our basic needs met. And here I am in the land of the free. and ..... well I am so thank full to be American.

I have a WIC appointment for Jimi Tomorrow. June is the "Special person of the week" in her kindergarten class this week, and I have a doctor appointment Wednesday to figure out why even with my very strong Hypertension medicine my blood pressure keeps elevating.

But I'm not scared here.

In Mexico when my blood pressure would escalate i was scared. and I'll tell you why.

When you don't have money in Mexico and you don't have insurance you cannot go to the hospital. They won't accept you without a deposit. And I know here in the US, even if I didn't somehow get health insurance through the state, which was a miracle in itself, if something happened an ambulance would come and they would try to save my life.

But not in Mexico. That was the scariest thing. To see myself get sicker in a foreign country and worry that I would die because I had less than $10 to my name. (excluding the house we own free and clear in Mexico - but as of yet have not sold) Once it sells everything will go back to normal I am sure. (feel free to pray for that for me, thanks)

Now food is taken care of, clothing is available to me, health insurance is taken care of, and a small amount of money to buy personal items. All I need is housing. But first a job.

My only real problem so far is ... my nephew that was born on the same day as my son, same hospital, one hour earlier, is rambunctious and is prone to hit at any given moment, often with objects in his hand. My sweet baby Jimi is getting beaten up.

Jimi sometimes provokes it a little bit by saying a toy is his, or by trying to tell his cousin what to do and what not to do. But that has been my biggest concern. This has concerned me very much and is definitley motivating me to get our own place ASAP. Because that is the plan anyway. And we do need our own place.

Plus my dear friend has asked me to go camping with her next weekend in her 30 foot trailer to the the Oregon Coast.

So doing good, free computer use with Internet at the library, and at Mount Hood community college (small campus location) both very close to my sister in laws apartment.

things are good!

But downtown and the shiny buildings and artsy people fabulous bars and great restaurants is like opposite ends of the planet compared to my Mother in laws house.

For me I like it somewhere in the middle.

Down to earth.

But again I am thankfull to be back. and talk to my husband daily. He is very lonely without us. I miss him.

god Bless you and yours!

Portland Girl