Saturday, April 4, 2009


Thinking about going back to my town because the struggle is just too rough here.

here means... no money = no food, no medical, no school, no help of any kind. Especially if you are an American.

There even if I took a lower level job than normal I would have access to many benefits and ways to help my family. As well if I have a heart attack I will be treated. Hereif you dont' have money you dont' get treated.

We still don't know when our immigration appt is. My computer still doesn't work. We are making it but barely. E is a welders assitant make 1250 pesos per week, thats like 90 dollars a week, 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. But he does get a 1hour break. He was doing his own busines but people weren't paying.. and he was stressing. It's just not enough money to survive here. I have to care for the children.

Over are the party days of November and before. Here in mexico when the money is gone its gone. the only way you can be sucessfull here in Mexico I think is to have your own business. That way you can surive well. That is if you business does well. It must be a well thought out business, well planned way in advance. Because the ways of doing business and restrictions are much different here. But if you plan correctly and figure it out, you can be sucessful in Mexico. There are quite a few well to do mexican business owners.

Or live on US or canadian money here. for 1 person you could live on 1000 dollars a month. Not fancy but ok. For a family of four I would say you could live for 3000 dollars a month here pretty well. That would all depend on your housing. The housing makes all the difference. But you can go on day cruises and live like you are on vacation, go out to eat, and have cable an internet in your home and buy what you need. But for like 400 dollars a month you just cant eat or pay medicine.

ok. gotta go my internet cafe time is up. sorry for typos or what ever.

Puerto Vallarta girl.