Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clackamas Oregon doing laundry at my Exhusbands apartment

Where am I now? You were wondering...? What is she doing and why doesn't she write more? She didn't tell us what was really going on she didn't get into the raw gory details of anything... Just that she is in Portland and doing better..f

Well, it has now been 2 weeks. I'm getting things lined up. Been staying at my sister in laws, my angel. And I love her so so so much. Just... well we are driving her crazy.

Do you know what I love about Portland....? You can find all sorts of free stuff. Like already I've been to several fairs and stuff. Last night we went to local community center I've gotten free car seats and today free pony rides. Last night a free chinese/thai dinner, free raffle.

Right at this moment I am at my son's house, which happens to be my exhusbands apartment. And I am borrowing their computer for a bit.

Soon, I will be back to Normal with a job, computer, and internet at home. And my love will come home to me.

But as far as the nitty gritty... have to leave that out... its all about preschoolers fighting and too many people in a 2 bedroom apartment. I'm fine, but I guess my sister in law is stressing out a lot.

So that's all for now.