Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is paradise?

Written January 27th

Today I took June and Jimi to the Doctor. June has had a cold and Jimi a fever. This morning I also got checked out to make sure my throat infection is gone. For the 3 of us to see the doctor, all the medicine, and a few extra things that I picked out it was going to be 320 pesos, at the current exchange rate that is about $23 US dollars. Right now I was thinking how funny it is that I balked at the price of one of the medicines being 130 pesos. Back in Portland, I would have thanked god 1000 times if it only cost that much for 3 people to see a doctor and for the prescriptions. I suppose it could be possible if we all had insurance.

Eerk. Screench. Put on the brakes!

Open Mic just started. Remember…. I write on the bus. Today’s selection is a Father and Son combination with acoustic guitars. They have harmonic voices and they are playing at an acceptable noise level vs. blasting my ear drums out. I think it is estilo Rancho, but I am not 100% sure. They face each other in the middle of the aisle and each lean onto a seat. The Father is in his 60’s, has a cowboy hat and a red button up shirt. The son is in a light blue polo shirt with dark stripes and is slightly chubby. Its pretty nice music. It would be easy to picture them playing at a Mexican Restaurant in the US.

Can you see my point yet…? Here I’ll pull it together for you. For some people inexpensive healthcare could be paradise. And I am certain that someday this son will remember how wonderful it used to be when he and his dad used to play guitar on the bus for extra money.

My version of paradise is sitting around a camp fire with my Dad and others drinking beer and listening to my Dad tell stories about his life.


Running wild in the streets as a teenager, feeling invincible.


Going on the day cruises here in Puerto Vallarta with Enrique and the kids.

My paradise can be a location, but more than anything it is who I am with and what we are doing.

Que sera sera. Living in the moment.