Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Were you a wild teenager?

Originally written on January 27, 2009

Jessie at work asked me the other day if I’ve ever been in a mosh pit.

“Yeah”, I replied, “got in a fight with a chick at a Megadeth concert.”


“Yeah, but I think back then in the 80’s mosh pits were heavy metal/death metal.”

“Yea”, she said. “Mexicans will mosh to anything.”

Lately, perhaps because of my age a lot of my crazy youth stories are coming to the surface.

My best friend from 11 to 14 was Shelly. We were both cursed with being 11 and being well endowed in the chest area and at the same time new to being raised by a single parent.

So what do you do in that circumstance? Well of course you act out and run wild.

We initiated tons and tons of mischievous deeds. One of the funniest stories among famous ones such as beer runs, drinking 191, and starting random things on fire, is that we got our hands on a few cans of spray paint and decided to spray paint FTW, (Fuck the World) all over the neighborhood. So one day I was at home and I saw on the news a reporter standing at a bridge/freeway overpass where Shelly and I had painted an FTW on the sidewalk. They were reporting that gangs had moved into South East Portland. I about choked and acted like nothing at all. It was so hilarious that two big haired, leopard print and spandex clad teenager girls could make such a ruckus.

I was looking for a digital photo of me at that age and only found these at 13, 14 and 16. On the age 13 one notice how innocent I look, I was so far from it.

Proud survivor of the 80’s.