Sunday, February 22, 2009

they just didn't make the cut

So you wonder… where are all the new blogs. I’ve done some blogs and journals. But definitely not as many as when I had internet or had my computer working well or rode the bus. Being alone REALLY helps my creativity. When I have my 2 ½ million dollar house, I am going to lock myself in my office, or well, I’ll have my Manny so I will go places alone sometimes.

Anyway, what have I written that I haven’t posted?

-one boring plog about… “Why do people want to be police?” But then I thought why do people want to be in the military… and well it just seems too controversial of a subject and ended up being… well.. boring. It’s a loaded questions or something.
-I’ve done like 5 blogs saying thank you to each of my former co-workers, one by one. But lose steam somewhere.
-One Post about the fact that I have started having baby fever again, and I have 3 children, AND I’M 38.
-One post about being back to my life swinging in the hammock and Enrique making the money I made after about 2 days after I quit. Enjoying my time with my kids and how I sense that we are moving soon and we are finally moving forward.
-One post all about our lives and an update of how things were going..

All of these did not make the cut. Sorry.

So that’s some of what I’ve been writing lately.