Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all good in the hood

(photo not actually related to the story)

I get inspired all the time. I really wish I had the remote from the movie Click. If I did I know what would happen. I would observe something that inspires me, hit pause, write it down, and then hit play. And I know this would go on all day long, everyday would probably take 48 hours just to get through it.

Today at the park, I will leave out the part of my little sweetheart Jimi falling when trying to go down the pole that scared the beegeebees out of me. Right before that moment I stood in awe of what I saw.

Let me set the scene:

It was about dusk and I was in the middle of the park. Loud Mexican Salsa and dance music blasts across the entire park. You can see the park for about ¼ mile in each direction. The entire area is basically an open field.

On the North end there is a soccer field. The grass is brown and has garbage strewn here and there but the community doesn’t seem to notice or care. In the middle of this park with no name, (as far as I know) there is a play area that is more modern than most of the parks around my neighborhood. To the south is a very large basketball court. There is a big field light turned on above the basketball court that spreads light out across most of the park.

On the Soccer field a game just got over and the guys were congratulating each other and leaving, a few guys lingered and practiced their skill. Around the soccer field a few people were running or walking on the dirt path used as a make-shift track. On the playground there were around 30 children running around and playing. The weather was weird because it was a little bit windy and cloudy which is unusual for February here. On one side of the basketball court a few different people were playing basketball. On the other side of the basketball court about 50 or so Mexican ladies were a doing group exercise with an instructor. The exercise was in the style of what I think is referred to as Sexy dance and is quite entertaining to watch.

I looked at all of that and I sat there thinking “It’s all good in the hood.”

If I was in the US and I was going to set up this scene, I would only change a few things:

-The grass would be green and well cared for.
-There would be garbage receptacles all around and garbage would be in its place.
-The play area would have some type of cushion like rubber, or very thick bark dust so that children would hit the ground softy if they fall. (All this one had was worn down sand.)
-The music would have been hip-hop.
-I might add a pool too…. Just a thought.

If you like hip hop I have got to turn you onto an awesome song I got through Itunes free weekly download last fall. It’s called “The Stoop” by Little Jackie.

I miss my city. And when I think about it I have that ache in my chest and that longing inside me that sinks downward to my stomach and pulls my soul.