Monday, February 9, 2009

His Song

Originally written on January 30, 2009

I woke up grumpy, probably because my baby Jimi has to wake in the middle of the night and come to our bed. Then for some reason he has to sleep next to me, on my side, and throw his arm across my face, or kick me in the back all night long. This makes me cranky, who would have thought?

So today an older man came on the bus to sing for his supper without a guitar. He must have been 70 or something. At first I felt myself cringe up like “Oh great!” then thought why am I being so negative.

Then I gazed out the window and looked at the distance and then his song came back to me from the back of the bus. I didn’t actually know what he sang, I knew it was pure and sweet and when he came back for an offering I gave him oe. He got off the bus and I can still hear his song in my head.

Words ring back to me in my head “Listen to your soul.” And his slow and soft melody plays on.